CG FC200 Free Update to V1.0.7

CG FC200 V1.0.7.0  Registered Version NEW (2022.06.28)

1.Added Bosch ST10 series engine boot modes: M7.9.7, ME7.9.71, ME7.9.7, ME7.4.5, ME7.9.9, MED7.6.1, MSE3
2.Added Hyundai and Kia KEFICO series engine boot modes: CPEGD2.20.1, CPEGD2.20.2, CPEGD2.20.3, CPEGD2.20.4
3.Added Delphi engine boot mode: CRD2.x MPC5566
4.New Bosch boot mode engines: ME17.9.23, MED17.7.5, ME17.9.7, M17.8.7, MED17.8.2, EDC17CP65, ME17.8.5
5.Newly added engines to modify the VIN function: EDC17C63, EDC17CV44, MED17.1.1, MED17.8.2, MEDG17.0
6.Modify the VIN function and add the function of forcing a new VIN to be written
7.Fix some bugs and optimize software performance