CG100X Update to V1.4.0.0

CG100X V1.4.0.0 updated on Feb.29th, 2024.

Update details:

  1. Added 15 models to dashboard.
  2. Added 3 models to airbag.
  3. Added 6 models to read-write.

The following models are added for dashboard.


Besturn E05 24C16

Changfa Tractor R5F10DPXXX (time)

DongFeng Tractor 24C08 (time)

DongFeng Chenglong tractor 2017- 24C08

DongFeng Fengshen AX7 PLUS 2022- 95640

JMC Wweilong 24C16

JieFang 460 24C16

JieFang Dragon V 24C04

KINGLONG Jinwei 2020- 24C08

Nezha V 2022- 24C08

Chery X6 24C16

Easy coffee X6 STM8S105S6


ChangAn Xingka S201 9S12HY64

The following models are added for airbag.

BMW 65.77-5A19AB6-01 95512

BYD AUTO STHM-3658100A 95128

Great Wall 3658110XKV3AA TC223

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.

BYD AUTO HCE-3658100A-D1 (SEC30-C) Step One 95128(read write)

BYD AUTO HCE-3658100A-D1 (SEC30-C) Step Two SPC560P50L3 (read write)

FOTON Times EV7 2023- R5F10DLxxx (read write)

Geely Borui 24C16 (read write)

JinBei J3858182 95160 (read write)

Mazda Encelar 24C16 (read write)