CG70 Free Update to V1.0.7.0

CG70 Airbag Reset Tool Free Update to V1.0.7.0

Software Free Download Here 

1.Added 435 additional airbag models.
2.Some known problems fixed.

Airbag repair added the following models:

Acura 77960-TX4-F020-M4 SPC560P50

Acura 77960-TZ5-Y020-M4 SPC56AP54

Acura 77960-TZ6-H010-M4 SPC56AP54

Audi 4FD910655 95640

Chevrolet 20777733 (diag only) 95160

Chevrolet 22761839 (5WY88580) (diag only) 95160

Chevrolet 22799589 (5WY89340) (diag only) 95160

Chevrolet 25962843 (5WY82990) (diag only) 95160

Chevrolet 20778832 (diag only)  95160

Chevrolet 25924679 (diag only)  95320

Chevrolet 25927274 (diag only)  95320

Chevrolet 25990005 (5WY82740) (diag only) 95160

DongFeng 28556 2HB0A  R7F701008

DongFeng 3658100-SF01 DFSK-2168-A2C19726000 R7F701008

DongFeng 3658100-SF02  R7F701008

DongFeng A4D0005I1V00200 285562ZG0A R7F701008

DongFeng J38580678  R7F701008

DongFeng J3858430(5824901V9011) R7F701008

DongFeng J3858552  R7F701008

DongFeng U400000960(J38580719) R7F701008

DongFeng U410010J-G0200(J3858451) R7F701008

DongFeng U410010J-G0202(J3858554) R7F701008

DongFeng 3658100-FQ04  R7F701009

DongFeng J38580698  R7F701009

DongFeng J38580699 U410010J-N0101 R7F701009

DongFeng J38580762 U410010J-N0201 R7F701009

DongFeng J38580834 U400005460 A3C1028320000 R7F701009

DongFeng U400001860(J38580786) R7F701009

DongFeng U410010J-N0100  R7F701009

Ferrari 865078  95640

Ford 5M64-14B321-CK(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9C24-14B321-BJ(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9E53-14B321-BJ(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9E53-14B321-BK(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9E53-14B321-EK(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9E53-14C028-AB(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9L34-14B321-DK(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9L34-14B321-DL(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9L34-14B321-EJ(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9L34-14B321-EK(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9L84-14B321-AJ(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9L84-14B321-AK(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9L84-14B321-AL(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9M64-14B321-CJ(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9M64-14B321-CK(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9M64-14B321-CL(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford AA83-14B321-AE(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford AC24-14B321-BA(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford AG13-14B321-AD(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford AL34-14B321-DC(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford AL34-14B321-EC(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford AL84-14B321-AB(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford AM64-14B321-CB(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford AR33-14B321-AF(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford AR33-14B321-BF(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford AR33-14B321-CA(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford AR33-14B321-DA(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9C24-14B321-AL(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford AC24-14B321-AA(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford 9L34-14B321-DJ(Read and write only) MAC7242

Ford LT1T-14B321-HA TC22xx-16F

Ford 6L24-14B321-AF 95160

Ford 6L24-14B321-GA 95160

Ford 6L34-14B321-BA 95160

Ford 7L24-14B321-CA 95160

Ford 8C34-14B321-AB (diag only) 95160

Ford 8C34-14B321-AF (diag only) 95160

Ford 8C34-14B321-AG (diag only) 95160

Ford 8L84-14B321-AG (diag only) 95320

Ford 8L84-14B321-AH (diag only) 95320

Ford 8L84-14B321-AJ (diag only) 95320

Ford 9C34-14B321-AA 95160

Ford 9C34-14B321-AC 95160

Ford 9T1T-14B321-AD 95320

Ford 9T1T-14B321-BC 95160

Ford DM5T-14B321-KA 95320

Ford D2BT-14B321-GB XC2xxx

Ford ET76-14B321-BF XC2xxx

Ford FR3T-14B321-AG XC2xxx

FOTON J38580740(P1360010013A0) R7F701009

FOTON J38580738  R7F701009

FOTON J38580738  R7F701009

FOTON J38580738(P1360010011A0) R7F701009

Geely 6606302091 R7F701009

Geely 8890815033 R7F701009

Great Wall 3658110XKS00C XC2336A

Great Wall 3658110XKU87A XC2336A

Great Wall 3658110XPW03A XC2336A

Great Wall 3658110XPW06A XC2336A

Honda 77960-TBT-H210-M2 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-TJ8-B810-M2 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-TJH-B010-M2 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-TJH-H010-M2 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T7S-D810-M2 H8SX1725

Honda 77960-T7S-Z610-M2 H8SX1725

Honda 77960-TBT-B210-M2 R7F701A223

Honda 77960-THA-B610-M2 R7F701A223

Honda 77960-THA-H610-M2 R7F701A223

Honda 77960-THR-X220-M2 R7F701A223

Honda 77960-T2A-S760-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T3L-X010-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T3L-X030-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T4N-H720-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T5A-N830-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T6L-F910-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T6L-H712-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T6L-H912-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T6L-H920-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T6P-H411-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T6P-H620-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T6P-H811-M1 95640

Honda 77960-TZ4-R030-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T1G-B930-M4 SPC56AP54

Honda 77960-T2A-K030-M4 SPC56AP54

Honda 77960-T2A-P020-M4 SPC56AP54

Honda 77960-TEA-N820-M4 SPC560P50

Honda 77960-TEA-P420-M4 SPC560P50

Honda 77960-TEG-J310-M4 SPC560P50

Honda 77960-TGH-E230-M4 SPC560P50

Honda 77960-TGH-G310-M4 SPC560P50

Honda 77960-TNY-J310-M4 SPC560P50

Honda 77960-TRW-J310-M4 SPC560P50

Honda 77960-TRY-M420-M4 SPC560P50

Honda 77960-TYF-J430-M4 SPC560P50

Honda 77960-3N4-M820-M2 R7F701686

Honda 77960-3P3-Z820-M2 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3T2-J340-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-3V0-K620-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T06-M820-M2 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T54-Y820-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T60-J630-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T70-B110-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T80-H220-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T86-K030-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T86-K930-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T90-A040-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T90-A140-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-T90-A310-M1 TC23xx-32F

Honda 77960-TGV-Y040-M2 R7F701686

Honda 77960-TF0-E820-M3 (KLine) MPC5604

Honda 77960-SZT-H820-M2 (KLine) H8SX

Honda 77960-SNA-H010-M1 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-SNA-H822-M1 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-SNA-X023-M1 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-SNB-J822-M1 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-SNB-T815-M1 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-SNB-U830-M1 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-SNB-Y622-M1 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-SWA-F240-M4 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-SWA-H213-M4 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-SWA-P614-M4 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-SWA-S212-M1 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-T0A-C811-M1 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-T0N-U910-M4 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-T0Z-F410-M4 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-T0Z-F610-M4 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-T1W-Y811-M4 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-TC0-F220-M1 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-TK4-H012-M1 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-TL0-B913-M1 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-TL0-X012-M1 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-TL4-N911-M1 (KLine) 95640

Honda 77960-TR0-K814-M1 (KLine) 95320

Honda 77960-TR0-X012-M1 (KLine) 95320

Honda 77960-TV0-F010-M4 (KLine) 95640

Hyundai 95910-3X100 95128

Hyundai 95910-3X200 95128

Hyundai 95910-L2300 95512

Hyundai 95910-L7100 TC23xx-32F

Hyundai 95910-3S0A0 95128

Hyundai 95910-A5250 95128

Hyundai 95910-C1010 95256

Hyundai 95910-C1520 95256

Hyundai 95910-D0350 95256

Hyundai 95910-F2500 95256

Hyundai 95910-G7300 95256

Hyundai 95910-0W000 95320

Hyundai 95910-2B270 95320

Hyundai 95910-2B470 95320

Hyundai 95910-2B900 95320

Hyundai 95910-2B970 95320

Hyundai 95910-2J550 95640

Hyundai 95910-C8110 SPC560P50

Hyundai 95910-I6100 TC23xx-32F

Hyundai 95910-K6240 TC23xx-32F

Hyundai 95910-K6340 TC23xx-32F

Hyundai 95910-S1720 TC23xx-32F

Hyundai 95910-S8220 TC23xx-32F

Hyundai 95910-S8410 TC23xx-32F

Hyundai 95910-S8620 TC23xx-32F

Infiniti 98820-5NL1B TC22xx-16F

Infiniti 98820-5NM0B TC22xx-16F

Infiniti 98820-5VG1A TC22xx-16F

Infiniti 98820 1LK0A 95128

Infiniti 98820 1MC0A 95640

Infiniti 98820 1MS0A 95640

Infiniti 98820 1MT1A 95640

Infiniti 98820 6LU0A (diag only) 95128

Infiniti 98820 6PB0A (diag only) 95128

Infiniti 98820 6PE0A (diag only) 95128

Jeep 68245072AD 95512

Jeep 68530186AB 95512

JinBei J3858508  R7F701008

JMC CNHC15-14010AA(J3858504) R7F701008

JMC HP1-14010-BA(J3858541) R7F701008

JMC J38580687  R7F701008

JMC J3858541  R7F701008

JMC JP1-14010-AA(J38580592) R7F701008

JMC KP2-14010-CB R7F701008

JMC KP2-14010-DA(J38580691) R7F701008

JMC LC1-14010-AA R7F701008

JMC LP1-14010-AA R7F701008

JMC LP1-14010-AB R7F701008

KIA 95910-Q2500 95512

KIA 95910-A7700 95256

KIA 95910-AA050 R7F701019

KIA 95910-BW000 R7F701xxx

KIA 95910-CR800 R7F701xxx

KIA 95910-F6900 XC2336A

Lexus 89170-0A040 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-11050 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-33J10 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-33N10 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-33N40 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-33P51 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-33R80 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-33S80 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-48C10 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-50L02 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-76611 R7F701A223

Lexus 89170-76630 R7F701A223

Lincoln AA53-14B321-AD(Read and write only) MAC7242

Mazda DR61-57K30-A MAC7242

Mazda DR61-57K30-B MAC7242

Mazda G39A-57K30 MAC7242

Mazda GDK4-57K30 MAC7242

Mazda GEA2-57K30 MAC7242

Mazda GEB4-57K30 MAC7242

Mazda GEG1-57K30 MAC7242

Mazda GGV2-57K30 MAC7242

Mazda GGV3-57K30 MAC7242

Mazda GW6T-57K30 95640

Mazda KD5H-57K30-C XC2361A

Mercedes A0048201226 0285010218 95640

Mercedes A0048201326 0285010218 95640

Mercedes A2469007602 A2469011302 0285011103 95256

Mercedes A4479001118 A4479018406 0285020147 95256

Mercedes A4479001218 A4479018506 0285020148 95256

Mitsubishi 8635A315  95640

Nissan 98820 5EX0A 95128

Nissan 98820 5R30B 95128

Nissan 98820 5RV0B 95128

Nissan 98820 5SP0A 95128

Nissan 98820 5TF0A 95640

Nissan 98820 6RB0B 95128

Nissan 98820 7PA0B 95128

Nissan 98820 7PB0B 95128

Nissan 98820 9LT0B 95640

Nissan 98820-6UA0A TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6UT0A TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-2GR1A TC22xx-16F

Nissan 28556-3GS0A TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-5MS0C TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6CD1B TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6RG0B TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6RY0B TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6SA0C TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-6XJ0B (diag only) TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-9BU3A TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-9CM5B TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820-9HF5C TC22xx-16F

Nissan 98820 ZX20A 93C76

Nissan 28556 1LL0A 95320

Nissan 28556 1LL1A 95320

Nissan 98820 1EE0A 95640

Opel 13137905  9S12DG128

Opel 13283821  95160

Peugeot 9839641480 XC2336B-40F

Roewe 10786516-01 R7F701009

Roewe 10836975-00 R7F701009

Roewe 10813743-01 TC22xx-16F

Roewe 11084242-00 TC22xx-16F

Roewe 11145416-00 TC22xx-16F

Roewe 11146643-00 TC22xx-16F

Roewe 11435525-01 TC22xx-16F

Roewe 11531370-00 TC22xx-16F

Seat 8E0959655G  95640

Seat 56D959655F 95320

Suzuki 38910-55R00 R7F7010123

Toyota 89170-08110 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-08230 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0DE20 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-0DE30 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-0DF30 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-0DF40 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-0DF50 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-0DG60 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-0E330 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0E340 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0E350 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0H220 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-42F10 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-42690 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-42700 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-42720 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-42730 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-48E10 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-48E30 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-48E50 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-52Q10 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-52Q20 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-52Q30 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-52Q50 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-52Q60 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-52Q70 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-52P60 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-52P70 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-K0010 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-K0060 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-K0070 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-K0080 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-02W60 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-02W80 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-08210 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0A100 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0A140 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0A200 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0A220 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0C660 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0C670 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0C690 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-12G10 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-12L30 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-16180 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-28480 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-47B50 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-48J20 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-60D70 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-60D80 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-60F10 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-60F80 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-60F90 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-60G00 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-60G70 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-78090 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-78150 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-78220 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-F6010 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-0H230 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-0R280 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-52P80 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-62050 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-K0030 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-02L50 H8SX172x

Toyota 89170-0KE40 H8SX172x

Toyota 89170-0KK20 H8SX172x

Toyota 89170-06740 H8SX172x

Toyota 89170-0DE50 H8SX172x

Toyota 89170-48500 H8SX172x

Toyota 89170-52G50 H8SX172x

Toyota 89170-0D810 H8SX1797

Toyota 89170-0R170 H8SX1797

Toyota 89170-15020 H8SX1797

Toyota 89170-48B00 H8SX1797

Toyota 89170-52K50 H8SX1797

Toyota 89170-52P10 H8SX1797

Toyota 89170-76230 H8SX1797

Toyota 89170-76470 H8SX1797

Toyota 89170-78061 H8SX1797

Toyota 89170-0N040 (Need RES 10K) H8SX172x

Toyota 89170-22130 (Need RES 10K) H8SX172x

Toyota 89170-76050 (Need RES 10K) H8SX172x

Toyota 89170-06B51 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-06B80 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-06B90 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-06C21 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-16170 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-33B10 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-33B30 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-42C81 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-48A70 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-F4260 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-F4440 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-F4480 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-F4600 R7F701A223

Toyota 89170-0DG70 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-42F20 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-42E50 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-48J90 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-48J60 R7F7016843

Toyota 89170-60J00 R7F7016443

Toyota 89170-78151 R7F7016843

VW 6C0959655M 95640

VW 5Q0959655AM SPC56AP54

VW 5QD959655G SPC560P50

VW 5QD959655AK SPC560P50

Wuling(Baojun) 23548617 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23552682 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23552683 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23557730 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23557731 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23557732 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23559084 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23587574 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23612920 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23612921 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23612923 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23618125 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23622940 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23649377 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23649378 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23755289 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23755675 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23756580 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23764809 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23767480 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23898853 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23917734 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23929863 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23941764 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23942564 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23942565 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23946020 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23946021 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23946022 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23950559 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23998037 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23998038 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23998039 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23998107 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23998108 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23998109 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23764801 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23618126 R7F701008

Wuling(Baojun) 23949541 R7F701008