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V2.2.8.0 CG Pro 9S12 Programmer New Generation Full Version with All Adapters including New CAS4 DB25 and TMS370 Adapter

XMAS SALE V2.2.8.0 CG Pro 9S12 Programmer New Generation Full Version with All Adapters including New CAS4 DB25 and TMS370 Adapter

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CG Pro 9S12, the next generation of CG-100, can perform automatic conversion BMW, Mercedes-Benz kilometer and BMW, Land Rover, Porsche key matching.

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by Mr.Olivier Paturel on Dec 9, 2022
Très bon produit, J'ai pu cloner un double de clé sur EWS3 BMW X3 de 2005, tout leur outils sont de qualité a prix très compétitifs, les logiciels sont en français contrairement à la concurrence et sont très Ludiques, ont une très belle présentation coloré avec des mises a jours gratuites. Je recommande
by Mr.ANASTASIOS BATSILAS on Oct 24, 2022
it can do the milange 0 for bmw cas4?
Replied by Karen on Oct 24, 2022
Yes supported sir.
by Santo Spina on Oct 21, 2022
Dopo quanti giorni avviene la spedizione?
Replied by Karen on Oct 22, 2022
Saremo in grado di organizzare la spedizione il 20 novembre intorno, signore.
by Mr.mostafa lieznasni bakkali on Oct 10, 2022
very good I want to know if you have in stock the cg prog 9s12
Replied by Karen on Oct 10, 2022
Hello sir, sorry it's pre-order currently.
by Uladzimir Azbukin on Sep 14, 2022
Is working with 35128 read/write km?
Replied by Karen on Sep 14, 2022
Yes sir.
by Mr.shaukat fazal on May 14, 2022
very disappointed with 35160WT chip eraser try 12 different chips with cars from 2015-17 with WT adaptor no luck not one was programmed
Replied by Karen on May 15, 2022
Hi Sir, CG Pro 9S12 can support 80% of the 35160WT in the market. May I know where you bought the machine please? As I didn't find any order record with your account on our website.
by Mr.JAY LUKE on Apr 16, 2022
Would it be ok to buy this for backup MB key Programming? Already have Autel and vvdi2, i dont need a full MB programmer yet, but this might seems like it may help me?
Replied by Karen on Apr 17, 2022
Hi sir, for MB key progrogrammer backup, please choose CGDI MB. You can buy the basic version only.
by Mr.Germanprognostics on Nov 11, 2021
CGPRO reads and writes AUDI A6 steering locks very easy, thanks. It read the original and I saved then I read the Replament one and rewrite it .. plugged it into the car and the car Cranked up and running.
Replied by Karen on Nov 11, 2021
Thanks so much for your feedback sir. Have a nice day.
by Mr.Ionutdanica on Nov 11, 2020
Is working with 35160wt read/write km?
Replied by Karen on Nov 11, 2020
It can support 80% of the 35160wt in the market sir, not 100%.
by Mr.Chad on Jul 21, 2020
Can this programmer read and write MC9S12XEQ384 P-flash memory?
Replied by Karen on Jul 21, 2020
If the MC9S12XEQ384 is not encrypted, our CG Pro 9S12 can support  it to read and write.
by Mr.giuseppe on Apr 10, 2020
ciao qualcuso sa se riesce a modificare odometro mercedes b 246 ?
Replied by Karen on Apr 10, 2020
No sir, can't support.
by Mr.Joseph Colgate on Feb 28, 2020
i cant find a way to active subscription.I received a new one in the mail and when i plug it in it says no active subscription.Please help
Replied by Karen on Feb 28, 2020
Please just download latest software from official website, it will be ready for free new subscription.
by Mr. Ivan Shelikhevich on Feb 10, 2020
Есть проблема в програме: моторола 4j74y (ezs639) на панельке не пишет еепром. Флеш читает и пишет. А еепром можно записать только как 1j35d.
by Mr.Roni on Dec 16, 2019
CG Pro 9S12 support bmw frm?
Replied by Karen on Dec 16, 2019
Yes it can support.
by Mike Mponda on Nov 2, 2019
Is it good in transponder in the above immobilizer list.
Replied by Karen on Nov 3, 2019
Yes it is good.
by Mr. Ivan Shelikhevich on Jul 26, 2019
что означает лыцензия 28 дней? нужна поддержка ST e2p 5р08
Replied by Karen on Aug 11, 2019
Вы можете бесплатно обновить устройство через 28 дней, пожалуйста, не беспокойтесь об этом.
by Mr.Guoqin on Jun 17, 2019
It works perfect for me on 35160WT chip 2016, thanks!
Replied by Karen on Jun 17, 2019
Thanks for your feedback sir, we really appreciated that.
by Mr.Helio on Jun 17, 2019
How soon can I get it in Lithuania from UK, I prefer tax free.
Replied by Karen on Jun 17, 2019
You can get it in 3-5 working days from UK warehouse with tax free, please kindly be noted.
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