How to write and reset CG Keyless Go Key

CG MB FBS3 Keyless Go key supports Mercedes- Benz 315/433MHZ key models incl. W204-C series, W207-E series, W212-E series, W221-S series, W216-S series, W164-ML series, W251-R series, W166-ML series and W164-GL series.

Guide to write and reset Benz keyless go key:
e.g. Benz W211
Connect CGDI MB key programmer to the computer via USB cable and supply power to CGDI MB
Plug the CGDI MB Keyless Go key into to the coil of CGDI key programmer
Run CGMB software

1.Write Benz Keyless Go key:
Go to “EIS- EZS”-> “OBD”-> “Load File”
Select the original data file with key info & key password and click “Open”

The EIS basic info and EIS key info with password appears on the screen successfully.

Go to “READ/Write Key”-> “Read Key/Chip”
The key is version 76, which means the key is killer cookie.
The key state is unused.

Click “Open File/Write”
Follow the prompt to choose one 41 format file unused (e.g. key 4) to write
Note: When writing the original key, make sure it is wiped by the CGDI MB. Otherwise the writing procedure will fail.
Write successfully

Read key/chip again
The key state is still unused, so need to achieve the key.
If you have a car as you may do it on car. If have nothing, just activate on the CGDI MB software.
Click “Activate”
Copy the key password from “EIS/EZS” and paste on the “Read/Write key” interface
Make sure the key is inserted into the CGDI Prog MB Benz key programmer
Note: It’s better to activate the key in the car. If you use the software to activate the key, it may cause some unknown problems.
If it shows “Activate the KEY failed!”, just click “OK” and go to activate again, then it will be successful.

Read key/chip again, now the key state is used.

2.Reset Benz Keyless Go key: 
Method 1: Reset manually
Take out the key from CGDI MB key programmer
Push the trunk button and then push the lock button together
The red light comes on

Then push the unlock button, the red light goes off, it means the key reset successfully.

Plug the key into the coil of CGDI MB Benz key programmer again
Read key/chip
The key state is unused now.

Select key 4 format file to write and activate the key again
The key state turns to “Used” successfully

Method 2: Reset on CGDI MB software
Click “Reset” directly
Reset operation is successful.

Read key/chip again
The key state turns from “Used” to “unused” successfully.

That’s all operation steps to write and reset keyless go key using CGDI MB programmer.