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5 CGDI CG100X: CG100 Prog III Full Version V6.9.2.0 CG100 PROG III Full Version Airbag Restore Device including All Function of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x
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Product Description

CG100 III airbag tool is exclusively designed to read Tricore MCU’s over CAN-bus.Supports Read/Write EEPROM function for secured and non-secured SAC-TC1766 SAC-TC1767 SAC-TC1796 SAC-TC1797 microcontrollers.comes with Mileage, DPF, ECU system time, ISN built-in calculators.Edit CRC Eeprom.
CG100 PROG III Full Version Airbag Restore Devices including All Function of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x FLASH

CG100 PROG III's functions including airbag repairing, instrument calibration, car body computer repairing, car amplifier computer repair etc, support operatea RENESAS, Infineon, ST,MOTOROLA, ATMEGA, NEC, AM28BL802CB and other different chips. Full-featured version of CG-100 with adapter that support to write LandRover key and BMW Key. Support BMW, Volkswagen, Bentley engine computer repairing and replacement, support for domestic MT80, MT60 engine computer repairing and replacement.

CG100 PROG III Full Version Highlights:
1. Including All Function of Renesas SRS 
2. Support read and write EEPROM, support non-secure BMW DDME ECU microcontroller.
3.CG100 PROG III with built-in calculator, support calculate ISN, VIN and program CRC EEPROM
4. CG100 PROG III now support CAS3 CAS3+CAS4 CAS4+ Key Programming
5. CG100 PROG III can splite the quality for CAS Data
6. With CG100 ATMEGA Adapter in package.
CG100 ATMEGA Adapter for CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices with 35080 EEPROM and 8pin Chip reading and writing
7. Supported Operating Systems:  Windows XP, WIN7, WIN8, Win10 and Win11

Language: English Only.

The ATM Adapter Suppports:

35080: M35080DQ080, M35080DQ160, M35080 3/6, M35080 V6 / VP (5 seconds to adjust mileage: directly read and write)
ATMEGA Parallel: MEGA8L, MEGA48, MEGA88 (can erase the second-hand ATMEGA8L for re-use) MEGA16, MEGA32, MEGA169
24 Series: 24C01 24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32 24C64 24C128  (read and write)
93 Series: 93c46 93c56 93c57 93C66 93c76 93c86   (read and write)    
25 Series: 25010 25020 25040 25080 25160 25320 25640 25128 25256 (read and write)
95 Series: 95010 95020 95040 95080 95160 95320 95640 95128 95256 95512 (read and write)
Add 9S08GL16 CPU Parallel FLASH:
AMD: AM29BL802D (can erase the FAW REIZ MT34 immobilizer)

1. Support and Adoption: Renesas
R5F61797, RF61725, R5F61723, R5F61721, the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Toyota, Honda, Subaru

2. Support and Adoption: 
64A-72F,XC2364A-104F,XC2365A-56F,XC2365A-72F,XC2365A-104F,XC2361B-24F,XC2361B-40F,XC2363B-24F,XC2361B-40F,XC2364B-24F,XC2364B-40F,XC2365B-24F,XC2365B-40F,the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Nissan, Suzuki, Hyundai, Ford, Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar, GM.20seconds of read and write.this speed  supported  is exclusive  in the wordwide.

3.Support and Adoption: Freescale
MPC5604P(0M26V)(1M36W)the model in the computer are assembled as follows:Honda

4. Support and Adoption: ST
SPC560 the model in the computer are assembled as follows:Volkswagen

5. Support and Adoption: CPU
ATMEGA169, ATMEGA32, ATMEGA16, ATMEGA8, ATMEGA88, ATMEGA48. The instrument model tune number of kilometers

CG100 PROG III Update Policy:

1. Update Online Free for One Year (from the day you buy device).
2. Update cost will be $89 after the first year. Please check One Year Update Service for CG100 PROG III
If you don't want to pay update cost, your device can still work with the old version.
3. Please update device to V6.0.0.0 first, then can use newer version.

CG100 PROG III Update information: Software Download

V6.9.2.0  Paid Version NEW (2024.03.29)

1. Added 29 models to dashboard.

V6.9.1.0  Paid Version (2024.03.22)
1. Added 21 models to dashboard.
2. Added 6 models to airbag.
3. Added 2 models to read-write.

V6.9.0.0  Paid Version (2024.03.15)
1. Added 25 models to dashboard.
2. Added 2 models to read-write.

V6.8.9.0  Paid Version NEW (2024.03.09)
Added 27 models to dashboard.

V6.8.8.0  Paid Version (2024.02.29)
1. Added 15 models to dashboard.
2. Added 3 models to airbag.
3. Added 6 models to read-write.

V6.8.7.0  Paid Version (2024.02.01) 
1. Added 23 models to dashboard.
2. Added 2 models to airbag.
3. Added 2 models to read-write.

V6.8.6.0  Paid Version (2024.01.17)
1.Volkswagen MQB adds 6 new capacitor removal method models and Volkswagen Generation 4 anti-theft adds 1 new capacitor removal method model.
2.Added 23 models to dashboard.
3.Added 1 models to read-write.
V6.8.5.0  Paid Version New (2023.12.30)

1.Added 12 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 3 models for airbag computer repair;
3.Added 7 models for data read and write function.

CG100 V6.8.2.0 Paid Version New (2023.11.06)
1.Added 20 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 12 models for airbag computer repair;
3.Added 7 models for data read and write function.

CG100 V6.8.1.0  Paid Version (2023.11.02)
1.Added 28 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 1 models for data read and write function.

V6.8.0.0  Paid Version (2023.10.24)
1.Added 29 models for instrument mileage adjustment.

V6.7.9.0 Paid Version NEW (2023.10.18)
1.25 new models have been added for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.1 new model is added for body failure repair;
3.6 new models of data reading and writing functions have been added.

V6.7.8.0  Paid Version (2023.10.08)
1.Added 32 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 2 models for airbag computer repair.

V6.7.7.0  Paid Version (2023.10.05)
1.Added 22 models for instrument mileage adjustment

V6.7.6.0  Paid Version  (2023.09.24)
1.Added 21 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 4 models for airbag computer repair;
3.Added 5 models for data read and write function

V6.7.5.0  Paid Version (2023.09.21)
1.Added 13 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 8 models for airbag computer repair;
3.Added 6 models for data read and write function.

V6.7.4.0  Paid Version (2023.09.06)
1.Added 34 models for instrument mileage adjustment.
2.Added 3 models for airbag computer repair.

V6.7.3.0  Paid Version (2023.08.29)
1.Added 44 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 1 models for airbag computer repair;
3.Added 5 models for data read and write function.

V6.7.2.0  Paid Version (2023.08.21)
1.Added 20 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 5 models for airbag computer repair;
3.Added 5 models for data read and write function.

V6.7.1.1  Paid Version (2023.08.13)
1.Added 31 models for airbag computer repair.

V6.7.0.0  Paid Version (2023.08.04)
1.Added 23 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 2 models for data read and write function.

V6.6.9.0  Paid Version (2023.07.29)
1.Added 30 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 1 models for data read and write function.

V6.6.8.0  Paid Version (2023.07.19)
1.Added 16 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 16 models for airbag computer repair;
3.Added 3 models for data read and write function.

V6.6.7.0  Paid Version (2023.07.14)
1.Added 28 models for airbag computer repair;
2.Added 5 models for data read and write function.

V6.7.6.0  Paid Version  (2023.09.24)
1.Added 21 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 4 models for airbag computer repair;
3.Added 5 models for data read and write function.

V6.7.5.0  Paid Version (2023.09.21)
1.Added 13 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 8 models for airbag computer repair;
3.Added 6 models for data read and write function.

V6.7.4.0  Paid Version (2023.09.06)
1.Added 34 models for instrument mileage adjustment.
2.Added 3 models for airbag computer repair.

V6.7.3.0  Paid Version (2023.08.29)
1.Added 44 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 1 models for airbag computer repair;
3.Added 5 models for data read and write function.

V6.7.2.0  Paid Version (2023.08.21)
1.Added 20 models for instrument mileage adjustment;
2.Added 5 models for airbag computer repair;
3.Added 5 models for data read and write function.

V6.7.1.1  Paid Version (2023.08.13)
1.Added 31 models for airbag computer repair

CG100 V6.6.6.0  Paid Version (2023.07.01)
1.Added 42 models for instrument mileage adjust.

CG100 PROG III V6.6.5.0 (2023.06.27)

1.Added 28 models for airbag control unit repair.
2.Added 5 models for reading and writing function.

CG100 PROG III V6.6.4.0 (2023.06.17)

1.Added 31 models for airbag control unit repair.
2.Added 5 models for reading and writing function. 

CG100 PROG III V6.6.3.0 Paid Version (2023.06.09)

1.Added 26 models for instrument mileage adjust.
2.Added 2 models for airbag control unit repair.
3.Added 21 models for reading and writing function. 

CG100 PROG III  V6.6.2.0 Paid Version (2023.06.02)

1.The mileage modification adds 27 models.
2.Data reading and writing function added 8 models.

CG100 PROG III V6.6.1.0 Paid Version(2023.05.22)

1.Added 29 models to dashboard.
2.Added 6 models to airbag.

CG100 PROG III V6.6.0.0 Paid Version (2023.04.19)

1.Added 71 models for instrument mileage adjust.
2.Added 22 models for airbag control unit repair.
3.Added 16 models for reading and writing function. 

CG100 Prog III V6.5.9.0  Paid Version (2023.03.01) 

1.Added 43 models to dashboard.
2.Added 12 models to airbag.
3.Added 18 models to read-write.

CG100 PROG III V6.5.8.0  Paid Version NEW (2022.12.14)

1.Added 57 models to dashboard.
2.Added 31 models to airbag.
3.Added 15 models to read-write.

CG100 V6.5.7.0  Paid Version NEW (2022.11.07)

1.Added 86 models to dashboard.
2.Added 32 models to airbag.
3.Added 31 models to read-write.
The following models are added for dashboard.
 Aochi UFO W5 2022- 24C16(4G16)
 BAIC JDMC 2014- 9S12HA32
 BAIC Huansu S2 24C02(02CM)
 BAIC Weiwang 407EV 2018- 24C16
 BYD AUTO BYD Tang 2018- 93C86(Fuel Vehicle)
 BYD AUTO BYD S7 2016- 93C86(LCD Dashboard )
 Boyuan Harvester 25640
 Changhe CHANGHE M50 2014- 24C02
 Dayun aopuli 9S12HY48 V2
 Volkswagen Magotan 2012- 24C64
 Deutzfar Tractor R5F10DPEJ
 DongFeng DFSK C56 2020- R5F10DPGJ
 DongFeng Captain K6 2021- 93C66
 DongFeng Special Automobile (Electric Vehicle Truck) 2019- 24C08
 DongFeng Captain 2021- 93C66
 DongFeng Fengxing CM7 2021- 9S12HY64
 DongFeng Fengxing Lingzhi 2021- 9S12XHY256
 DongFeng tuyi 2021-2022 24C08
 DongFeng Fengshen Yixuan MAX 95160
 FOTON shidai xiaoka 3 24C64
 FOTON Times lead S1 24C16(4G16)
 FOTON MP-X S 2015- 24C04
 FOTON Times lead ES5 2022- 24C04
 FOTON Zhilan 2022- 24C04
 Aerospace sailing star pickup 24C64
 HaoJue USR 2021- 93C66
 Huansong beach car 700ATV 24C02
 Yellow dragon 600I 93C86
 JiAo GX5 2013- X5043
 Geely Emgrand EV500 2020- 24C16(4G16)white board
 Geely Yuanjing X6 2018- 24C04(4G04)
 JAC Refine M3 PLUS 2019- 24C04
 JAC Kangling M1 2015- 24C04(ATMLHXXX04)
 JAC Kaida 2021- 24C04
 JAC Shuailing 2022- 24C16(4G16)
 JAC Sihao  2018- 24C04
 JAC HUMTTO 2020- 24C04
 JMC YIZHI EX5 2019- 9S12HY64
 JMC YuSheng S350 2017- 93C86
 JieFang J7 2019- 24C16(pointer table)V2
 JieFang J6P 2017- 95640(tachograph)
 JinBei haixing A7 2015- 24LC04
 KINGLONG KaVo G10 24C08
 JinLv Bus 9S12XHZ512
 LOVOL Gushen corn harvester 2020- 24C04(signal processor)(time+mileage)
 LOVOL Harvester 93C46(controller)(Mileage+time)
 Maserati Maserati G 2009- 95080
 MG MG5 2021- 95160(Dashboard)+95320(BCM)
 Nezha NO1 2020- 24LC02
 Chery jietu X70 Coupe 2020- 24C16
 Chery jietu X70M 2019- 24C16
 Chery Hippo EV 2018- 9S12XHY128
 Youth car Youth coach 24C16
 Nissan nissan palazzo  24C16
 Nissan Pickup 24LC02
 Roewe 360 9S12XHZ512(Dashboard)+24C16(BCM)
 Lingong 60 Digger 9S12ZVH64
 Shaanxi Auto Dragon X3000 STM32F103VE
 Shaanxi Auto Delong KV3000 2021- 9S12HY64
 ShiFeng FengLing version D 2020- 24C08(ATMLHXXX08)
 Tengtuo Agricultural Tractor 24C08(time)
 Weifang Rainchst Electric vehicle 2018- 24C02
 Volvo XC60 9S12XHZ256
 WuLing Hongguang EV 2022- 24C02
 WuLing Baojun 730 2021- MB91F53BC
 ISUZU ISUZU 2019- 93C56
 Hyundai New Tousheng L 2021- 24C32
 XINYUAN Shenzhou DST5 2019- 24C02
 XINYUAN New sea lion 2021- 24C02
 Starlight winning harvester 24C08
 XCMG Drilling rig 9S12XHY128
 YAMAHA 250 93C56
 Yanmar Harvester R5F10DMxxx
 FAW SENYA R7 2017- 24LC04
 YuJie Punk Dodo 2021- R5F10TPxxx
 ChangAn New energy van 24C32
 ChangAn Auchan A600 2020- 9S12XHY128
 ChangAn EADO 2019- MPC5606S
 ChangAn Alsvin V5 2015- 9S12HY64
 ChangAn Auchan X5 2021- 9S12XHY256
 CNHTC Hao wo TX350 2021- 95640
 CNHTC ACE jieshi 2018- 95640(tachograph)
The following models are added for airbag.
 Audi 8X0 959 655 A 95320
 BMW 6577 9240582-01 MAC7241
 BAIC 58240100-D02-000 95160
 Honda 77960-TGH-A020-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TGH-K810-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TGS-A010-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TTP-H530-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TBT-H810-M2 R7F701062
 Honda 77960-TC4-B010-M4 R5F61725
 Honda 77960-TBX-P230-M4 SPC56AP54
 Peugeot 9677910980 95640
 Buick 9004975(SGM258-8) 25320
 Volkswagen 5QD 959 655T SPC560P50L3
 DongFeng U400001860(J38580786) R7F7010093
 Toyota 89170-BZ180 93C56
 Toyota 89170-BZ410 93C56
 Ford GN15-14B321-BH SAK-TC222S-16F
 Ford LL1T-14B321-AA TC222-16F
 Ford HL3T-14B321-CA XC2336A-72F
 Ford MB6T-14B321-ZE TC233-24F
 Ford HL3T-14B321-AC XC2336A-72F
 Geely 6600164998(680560500) SAK-TC222S-16F
 Geely 512013 NL3-3B 8891612657 R7F701A033
 Geely 6600164994(680560500) TC222-16F
 JAC 5824901X4400 R7F701A033
 JMC KP2-14010-CB R7F701008
 Chery K08-5820020(J3858343) 25160
 Nissan 28556 VK100 93C46
 Roewe 10992510-01 95640
 WuLing 23589305 R7F701A033
 Great Wall 3658110XP6PXA R7F701008
 Great Wall 3658110XKU87A XC2361-72F
The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
 JAC Jiayue A5 2020- 24C16 (4G16)(read write)
 Chery Tiggo 7 2020- 24C16(read write)
 Hyundai VERNA 2020- 24C16(read write)
 ChangAn CS55 PLUS 2020- 24C16(read write)
 Audi 4E0 959 655 K 25640(read write)
 BMW 65.77-9253637-01 9S12XET512(read write)
 BYD AUTO SC-3658100B SPC560P50L3(read write)
 Buick 13594587 D70F3548(read write)
 Buick 26234635 R7F7010623(read write)
 Volkswagen 5QD 959 655 E SPC56AP54(read write)
 DongFeng U400007560 95320(read write)
 DongFeng S50EV-5924010B 95320(read write)
 DongFeng J38580834 U400005460 A3C1028320000 R7F701009(read write)
 Toyota 89170-0F190 95160(read write)
 Ford HD9T-14B321-AH R7F701A033(read write)
 FOTON J38580740(P1360010013A0) R7F701009(read write)
 Geely 431028 6600068771 A3C0179790000 R7F701042(read write)
 Renault 985109066R XC2336B-40F(read write)
 Suzuki 3F900-86R30 R7F701018(read write)
 Leapmotor LP5723AA 9S12XS128(read write)
 Land Rover J8A2-14D374-AE R7F701643(read write)
 Nissan 98820 5R60A R7F7010643(read write)
 Nissan 28556-4JF0B 95128(read write)
 Roewe 10821271-01 R7F701009(read write)
 Roewe 11190874-01 TC224-16F(read write)
 Roewe 11145415-01 TC224-16F(read write)
 SKOKDA 56D959655L 95640(read write)
 Tesla 285015895 95256(read write)
 GM 26218647 SPC560P50L3(read write)
 Volvo P31451752 95128(read write)
 Hyundai 95910-F9400 XC2336A-72F(read write)

CG100 V6.5.6.0  Paid Version (2022.10.08)

1.Added 55 models to dashboard.
2.Added 15 models to airbag.
3.Added 25 models to read-write.
4.Added 2 models to Body repair.
The following models are added for dashboard.
 Ankai Bus 24LC32
 Honda Motor CB400 24C04
 BYD AUTO BYD E6 2021- 93C86
 Changfa Tractor R5F10DPxxx
 Dayun N9 heavy truck 2018- 9S12HY48
 Dayun aopuli 2020- 9S12HY64
 Electric house sunshine xiaoxin 2021- 24C08
 DongFeng teshang 2016- 93C66
 DongFeng jincheng V5  2020- 9S12HY64
 DongFeng DFSK K02L 2021- 24C04
 DongFeng flagship KX 2021- 24C08
 SouthEast SouEast LingShi V6 2015- 9S12XHY128
 Toyota CAMRY 2021- 24C32
 FJMOTOR Keyton N50EV R5F10DPxxx
 Ford Wing stroke 2012- 9S12XEQ384
 FOTON Auman 560 93A86
 FOTON Rowor RB2 2018- 24C08
 FOTON Levo704 STM8S208RB
 FOTON Time card star 2 2022- 24C64
 FOTON Rowor Q5 2017- 24C04
 Haima CLP 360 24C02
 HANTOUR car Electric car R5F10DPxxx
 Space WanShan Aerospace wanshan 9S12HY64
 HELI Forklift 25160
 Redflag HQ300 2008- 93C46
 Geely Emgrand EV500 2019- 24C16
 JAC Refine M3 2022- 24C04
 JAC Shuailing Q6 2019- 24C04
 JAC Ruifeng M2 2011-2013- 24C04
 JAC sihao E20X 2020- 24C04
 JAC Heyue 2014- 24C02
 Jaguar XF 2011-2013 24C64
 Lexing machinery LS1004 tractor 93C56
 Leidao LD85B digging machine 24LC04
 lianhezhongka lianhezhongka 2019- 93C66 (time+mileage)
 Chery ARRIZO 5 2021- 24C16
 Chery jietu X70 PLUS 24C64(head unit)
 KIA K5 2020- MB91F067CS
 Nissan navara 2014- 9S12XHZ256
 SANY blender 24C256
 MAXUS D60  2020- 24C16
 T-KNG fast reach 95320
 Wilma E5  2021- 24C16
 WuLing Rongguang V 2016- 24C04
 XCMG Drilling machine 9S12XHY128
 FAW JACK K5 2017- R5F10DPxxx
 Iveco Ousheng 2020- 95160(meter) + 9S12G192(BCM)
 JOHN Deere Tractor 93LC66
 ChangAn star card D201 2022- 9S12HA48
 ChangAn XingGuang (ChangAn 4500) 24C08 V2
 ChangAn V5 2018- 24C16
 Great Wall Euler white cat 2020- 24C16
The following models are added for airbag.
 BMW 6577-9248095-01 MAC7241
 BAIC E00109417(C10HB-C03) R7F701A033
 Benz A447 900 10 00 95256
 Honda 77960-TWC-H230-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TJ8-B810-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-T70-H220-M4 SPC56AP54L3
 Honda 77960-T6P-H820-M1 95320
 Peugeot 9839726580 XC2336B-40F
 Buick 13541768 SPC56AP54
 Trumpchi 8040003AMV0002 R7F701A033
 Land Rover 8H22-14D374-AC 9S12DG128
 Chery 407000138AA 680403700 XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 JX02B 93C56
 FAW-DAIHATSU 89170-BZ250 93C56
 ChangAn 3658100-CD01-AA R7F7010643
The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
 Shaanxi Auto Dragon K3000 2020- 25256(read write)
 Xiao Peng G3 2019- 24C16(read write)
 Honda 77960-TC0-H212-M1 95640(read write)
 BYD AUTO HADF-3658100A R7F701009(read write)
 Buick 26234929 R7F7010623(read write)
 Volkswagen 5N0 959 655 M 95640(read write)
 Volkswagen 3QD 959 655 K TC224-16F(read write)
 Volkswagen 3QD 959 655 AD TC224-16F(read write)
 Ford N2E9-14B321-AB R7F701010(read write)
 Ford MA1T-14B321-AC  R7F701A033(read write)
 Ford HR3T-14B321-AA XC2336A-72F(read write)
 Trumpchi 8040003ARD0000 R7F7010643(read write)
 Geely 6606302103 A2C10617300 R7F701009(read write)
 JMC LC1-14010-AA R7F701008(read write)
 LINCOLN LP5T-14B321-MA R7F701A033(read write)
 Maserati 670100885 95640(read write)
 MG 11081034-01 TC224-16F(read write)
 Nezha S30-3658010(J38580754) 95640(read write)
 Chery F18-3658101BD 95320(read write)
 Roewe 11081034-01 TC224-16F(read write)
 SAIC C00227270 R7F701009(read write)
 WuLing 23755289 R7F701008(read write)
 ISUZU 898127250 95320(read write)
 ChangAn 3658100-BU01 TC224-16F(read write)
 FOTON bus 25LC1024(read write)
The following models are added for Body repair.
 BMW E70 AHL 9S12XDT256(0L15Y)
 Volkswagen JETTA 06A 906 033 GD

CG100 PROG III V6.5.5.0 Paid Version NEW (2022.08.17)

1.Added the BMW foot space module and the Porsche Cayenne welding free line repair method.
2.Added 4 chips to Programer.
3.Added 69 models to dashboard.
4.Added 36 models to airbag.
5.Added 5 models to read-write.
6.Added 2 models to Body repair.
The following chips are added for Programer.
The following models are added for dashboard.
 North Benz V3 24C08
 BAIC BJ212 2017- 24C04
 Benz G-class (W463) 2013-2018- 95640(add filter)
 Honda ACURA RDX 2019- 93C86
 Honda ACCORD 2016- 93C76(Generation 9 hybrid version)
 Honda Motor Storm eye 24C04
 chenggong K32 Box car STM8S208C8
 Dayun N8E Truck 2017- 24C64
 Dayun N8H Truck 2019- 24C64
 Dayun N8V 2018- 24C64
 DongFeng Electric car 2014- 24C08
 DongFeng Fengguang 580 2018- 24C02
 DongFeng Fengxing LingzhiM5 2021-  9S12HA32
 DongFeng nissan ruiqi  R5F10DPCJ
 DongFeng RuiChi EC35 SC667529CLL
 DongFeng Xiaobawang 2022- R5F10DLxxx
 DongFeng watering car 9S12HZ128
 DongFeng balong 2017- 24C64
 DongFeng Chenglong H5 2017- 24C64
 DongFeng Liuqi Chenglong H7 2017- 24C64
 DongFeng Chenglong M3 2019- 24C64
 DongFeng Chenglong T7 2017- 24C64
 DongFeng DFSK C31 2019- 24C64
 DongFeng Yufeng EV 2015- 93C46
 DongFeng DFSK C35 2019- 24C64
 Toyota CROWN 2015- 93C66
 Toyota Fortuner MB91F060BS
 FOTON Aoling jieyun 2018- 24C08
 FOTON Times 2020- 24C08
 FOTON Rowor Vajra S1 24C16
 FOTON TOANO 2021- 24C04
 FOTON xiangling M3 24C04
 FOTON Aoling M card 2022- 24C64
 Guangtong auto Bus 25LC1024
 Hanteng Hanteng X7 24C02
 ShuangHuan XiaoGuiZu 2016- 24C02
 Huachen xinri 9S12ZVH128
 HUALING Dredger truck 24C16
 JiAo GX6 24C08
 Geely SC5-RV 2011- 9S12HZ128
 Geely Emgrand EC715 24C04
 Geely Emgrand GSE 2020- 24C16
 JAC Shuailing Q6 2022- 24C08
 JMC WeiLing K6 24C08
 KINGLONG KaVo 2017- 24C08
 LOVOL Forklift 95010(hour)
 Land Rover Guard 2020- 24C64
 Crawler car XD09 24C02
 Nanjun ruishuai 2019- 24C16(4G16)
 Nissan Forklift 93C66
 Sendi lead R5F10DPxxx
 shantui Roller 24C04
 Shaanxi Auto Dragon K3000 2020- 9S12XHY256
 Volvo S90 FS32K148
 WuLing HongGuang S3 24C04
 ISUZU ISUZU 2018- 24C04
 ISUZU KV100 2020- 24C16(liquid crystal meter)
 Hyundai Santa FE DM 2013- 93C66
 XCMG Digger 25640
 yanmar Rice transplanter 2018- 93C46(46D)
 FAW Besturn T99 2020- 24C32
 FAW Jumpal A70 2016- 24C04
 YuJie YuJie R5F10DLxxx
 ChangAn Bengbeng E- Star 2021- 24C64
 ChangAn Raeton 2015- 9S12XHZ512
 CNHTC HOWO T7 2021- 95640
 CNHTC HOWO Chasing dreams 2021- R5F10DSJJ
 CNHTC HOWO T5G 2014- 24C64
 Zongshen piaggio R5F10DPxxx
The following models are added for airbag.
 BAIC E00109417 R7F701A033
 Honda 77960-TBX-P030-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TBJ-A020-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TG7-A110-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TG7-A210-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TG7-X110-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TG7-Y110-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-THA-B610-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TGG-A020-M2  R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TGG-K810-M2 R7F701A223
 Buick 26261501 R7F701069
 Changhe J38580572(38910DE0600-000) 95160(RS16)
 Volkswagen 5Q0 959 655 A SPC560P50L3
 Volkswagen 5Q0 959 655 D SPC560P50L3
 Volkswagen 5Q0 959 655 J SPC560P50L3
 Volkswagen 5Q0 959 655 C SPC560P50L3
 Volkswagen 5Q0 959 655 M SPC560P50L3
 Volkswagen 5Q0 959 655 N SPC560P50L3
 Volkswagen 5QD 959 655 B SPC560P50L3
 Volkswagen 34D 959 655 D SPC560P50L3
 Volkswagen 34D 959 655 E SPC560P50L3
 Toyota 89170-06B00 R7F701A223
 Ford JB3T-14B321-FA TC222-16F
 Ford EB3T-14B321-BF XC2336A-72F
 Ford EB3T-14B321-EF XC2336A-72F
 Ford EB3T-14B321-EG XC2336A-72F
 JMC KP2-14010-DA(J38580691) R7F7010083
 JMC CNHC15-14010AA(J3858504) R7F7010083
 Leopaard J38580624 R7F701008
 LINCOLN GJ7T-14B321-DA 95640
 Chery J60-3658010FB 643766300 XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 4DW3A SAK-TC222S-16F
 Nissan 98820 5UV0A 95128(H128)
 Hyundai 95910 Q2500 25512
 ChangAn 3658100-BE70 R7F701A033
 ChangAn 3658100-MK01-BM401 R7F701A033
The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
 JAC Jiayue X4 2020- 24C16(read write)
 JAC Shuailing E 24C16(read write)
 DongFeng U400009260 95320(read write)
 Toyota 89170-02U70 TC234-32F(read write)
 Jaguar LX73-14D374-AC R7F701064(read write)
The following models are added for Body repair.
 Volvo S90 48V Lithium battery FS32K148
 PORSCHE taycan 12V Lithium battery MM9Z1J638

CG100 PROG III V6.5.4.0 (2022.07.19)

1.Added Mercedes-Benz 48V lithium battery.
2.Added 10 chips to Programer.
3.Added 76 models to dashboard.
4.Added 47 models to airbag.
5.Added 15 models to read-write.
Added Mercedes-Benz 48V lithium battery.
The following chips are added for Programer.
The following models are added for dashboard.
 Aochi Aochi A1 2018- 24C04
 Aochi Aochi X2 2021- 24C16(4G16)
 BOMAG Roller 24C01
 BAIC Weiwang T250-D 9S08LG32
 BAIC Senova D280 2014- 24C32(add filter)
 BAIC Senova D240 2012-2014- 24C32(add filter)
 BAIC EU300 2018- 24C64(ATMLHXXX64)
 Honda X-NV MB91F060BS
 Honda GIENIA 2017- MB91F061BS
 Honda Motor Liexing 24C04 V2
 Changhe Freda 2014- 24C02
 sole V300 2020- 9S12XHY128
 Dayun Dayun DYX09 Truck 2020- 24C08(ATMLHXXX08)
 DongFeng Fengshen H30 2012- 93C66
 DongFeng Tianlong 2021- 95640
 DongFeng Succe CDV 2013- 24C04
 DongFeng fengxinglingzhi Q 2008- 24C04(ATMLHXXX04)
 DongFeng Tianjin KR 2019- 24C08(ATMLHXXX08)
 Toyota LEXUS CT200 2020- 93C86
 Toyota WILDLANER S6J3001
 Toyota fortuner 2018- MB91F060BS
 FOTON SCENICRT V5 2017- 24C04 V2
 FOTON Pickup 24C64
 FOTON lovol Leopard 1104 tractor 2018- 24C08
 FOTON Aoling TX 2017- 24C04
 FOTON Oumake S385 2017- 24C04
 FOTON Aoling jieyun 24C08 V2
 FOTON Auman ETX 2014- 24C02(ATMLHXXX02) 8 electric machinery
 GuangYan S400 2021- R5F10DPEJ
 HUMMER H7 2019- 24C16
 United car new energy H6 R5F10DPEJ
 Geely Long Range E6 9S12G128
 Geely Long Range E5L 24C16
 JAC Shuailing Q3 2020- 24C04
 JAC Sunray 2021- 24C16
 JAC Geerfa K5W 2017- 24C04(ATMLHXXX04)
 JAC Refine S3 2013- 24C02(ATMLHXXX02)
 JMC Trushun 2019- 24C08 V2
 JieFang jiefang HU VN 2022- 9S12HZ256
 JieFang Dragon V 2020- 24LC04
 JieFang T80 truck 2015- 24C02 (green)
 JieFang T80 truck 2013- 24C04(white)
 KINGLONG Jinwei 2019- 24C08
 LOVOL 1804 tractor STM8S208RB
 Land Rover Range Rover 2010-2012- 24C16 (liquid crystal)
 Chery EQ1 2021- 24C16
 Chery ARRIZO 7 2016- 9S12XHY128
 Chery Karry Haitun EV 2019- 24C04(4G04)
 Nissan Sylphy 2019- 93C86
 Roewe EI5 25320(meter)+24C16(BCM)
 MITSABISHI PAJERO 2006-2010- 93C56(white panel)
 Shaanxi Auto Dragon K3000 2021- 9S12HY48
 Shaanxi Auto Xuandeyi 3 93C86
 MAXUS SH6521C1GC-A 2020- 9S12XHZ512
 MAXUS D50 24C16
 WuLing Hongguang EV 2021- MB91F53BC
 WuLing HongGuang S 24C16(4G16)
 WuLing Rongguang smmall truck 2014-2018- 24C02(ATMLHXXX02)
 WuLing Rongguang smmall truck 2019- 24C02(ATMLHXXX02)
 WuLing RS-5 2018- 24C32
 XCMG Roller 95640
 XCMG Roller 24C64
 FAW SenYa S80 2013- 24C04(white)
 Yutong Bus 2018- 9S12HY48
 YuJie Punk Electric vehicle 2020- 24C08
 Ford Electric car 2017- R5F10DPxxx
 YUEJIN xiaofuxing S50 2018- 25040(25LC04)
 ChangAn JinNiuXing 2013- 9S12HA32(black board)
 ChangAn CX20 2015- 9S12HY64
 Great Wall Havel H7 2018- 24C16(09400465)
 Great Wall Feng Jun 3 2009- 93C66
 Know beans 301 9S12HY64
 CNHTC HOWO T7H 2021- 95640(564RQ)
 Zhonghua FRV 9S12HY64
 Zhongxing Grandtiger 2020- 9S12HA32
The following models are added for airbag.
 Audi 8W0 959 655 95128
 Audi 8W0 959 655A 95128
 Audi 8W0 959 655G 95128
 Audi 8W0 959 655H 95128
 Audi 8W0 959 655P 95128
 Honda 77960-T70-B310-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TJH-H210-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TBY-B210-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TBY-P230-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TBX-B010-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TRN-H030-M4 SPC56AP54L3
 Honda 77960-TLA-H030-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TBA-A040-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TBA-A060-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TBA-X030-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TBA-X040-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TBF-A020-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TBG-A020-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TBG-A030-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TBG-A050-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TBG-A220-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TBH-X030-M2 R7F701A223
 Volkswagen 7P0959655C 95640
 Volkswagen 7P0959655D 95640
 DongFeng S50EV-5824010 95320(H320)
 Toyota 89170-F4410 R7F701A223
 Toyota 89170-0DF00 R5F61725
 Ford LK29-14B321-CB TC222-16F
 Redflag 3607115-DD01-A R7F7010093
 JEEP 68222 888AB 95128
 JAC 5824901U0310 95160
 Nissan 98820 4RH0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 5AA0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 5AA0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 5UB0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 7FV0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 7FW0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 7FY0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 BM00A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 BM90A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 BP70A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 HV00A XC2336B-40F
 Roewe 10130688-06 95640
 Tesla 1036767-00-A 95640
 Volvo P31334278 95128
 WuLing 23767480 R7F701009
 WuLing 23946022 R7F701008
The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
 Audi 4H0 959 655 H 2020- 24C16(liquid crystal)(read write)
 Audi 4N0 959 655Q TC275-64F(read write)
 BMW 65.77-9812297-01 R7F701008(read write)
 Honda 77960-3K0-H840-M1 R7F701008(read write)
 DongFeng J38580762 U410010J-N0201 R7F701008(read write)
 DongFeng J38580699 U410010J-N0101 R7F701009(read write)
 Ford KX7T-14B321-BB TC222-16F(read write)
 Geely 6606302091 A2C10617200 TC222-16F(read write)
 Cadillac 135298208 95128(read write)
 Nissan 98820 4DW3A 95128(read write)
 Nissan 98820 2GN0A R7F701009(read write)
 Volvo P31288291 R7F701A033(read write)
 WuLing 23998107 TC233-16F(read write)
 WuLing 23548617 TC234-32F(read write)
 ChangAn CS55 9S12XDT256(read write)

CG100 PROG III V6.5.3.0 (2022.06.18)

1.Added 122 models to dashboard
2.Added 146 models to airbag
3.Added 43 models to read-write
The following models are added for dashboard.
 Aochi Aochi 1800 2014- 24C08(ATMLHXXX08)
 BAIC Huansu H2E 2015- 24LC04
 BAIC EV180 2017- 9S12HY64
 Benz S350 2008- 24C08(add filter)
 Besturn Besturn B50 2013- 24LC04
 Honda ENVIX 2020- 93C86
 Honda GIENIA 2019- MB91F061BS
 Honda XR-V 2020- MB91F060BS
 Honda Motor CB400X 2021- 24C04
 Honda Motor PCX150 2019- 24C04
 BYD AUTO Qin EV300 2017- 93C86
 BYD AUTO Qin EV450 2018- 93C86
 Peugeot 408 95040(meter)+ 95128(BSI)
 Bentley Continental GT 2006- 24C08
 Changfa agricultural machinery R5F10DPXXX
 Dayun Dayun Truck 2016- 9S12HY48
 Dayun aopuli 9S12HY48
 Dongfanghong Tractor R5F10DPxxx
 DongFeng DFSK C71 R5F10DPGJ
 DongFeng Xiaobawang STM8S105C6
 DongFeng Furuika R5F10TPXXX
 DongFeng Chenglong country five 93C66
 DongFeng teshang 2015- 9S12XHY128
 DongFeng Jiayun 2017- 93C86
 DongFeng Tianlong KC 2018- 93C86
 DongFeng Fengshen AX7 PRO 2020- 24C16
 DongFeng nissan ruiqi6 2018- 24C04
 DongFeng Tianjin KR 2020- 24C08(oil consumption)
 DongFeng Chenglong L3 2019-2020  24C08(ATMLHXXX08)
 DongFeng Jingyi X3 2014- 24C02(ATMLHXXX02)
 DongFeng Fengxing LingzhiM5 2020- 9S12XHY128 (20th Anniversary Edition)
 DongFeng Fengshen H30 2011- 93C56
 DongFeng Fengshen H30 2013- 93C66
 DongFeng Xiaokang EC36 2017- SC667529
 DongFeng ChaoLong 2021- 9S12HY48
 Toyota Lexus NX200T 93C86
 Toyota PRIUS 2012- 93A86
 Toyota COROLLA 2016- 24C64
 Toyota LEXUS GS200T 2017- 93A86
 Toyota CROWN 2018- 93C66(C66)
 Toyota LEXUS GS200T 2016- 93C86
 Ford S-MAX 2011- 9S12XHZ512
 FOTON Levol engineering vehicle 95010
 FOTON Times 2018- STM8S105C4
 FOTON Auman EST 2021- 93C86
 FOTON xiaokazhixing Q2 2020- 24C04
 FOTON Rowor E120 2014- 24C04(4G04)
 FOTON TOANO E 2019- 24C04
 FOTON kangrui H2 2019- STM8S208RBT6
 Trumpchi AION Y 24C16
 HaFei V75 2015- 24C04
 Hangzhou forklift Forklift 2018- 24C02
 Hengtian Electric car 2019- 24C04
 Geely Emgrand EV450 2019- 24C16(4G16)
 Geely Binyue 2019- 24C16(add filter)
 JAC Geerfa A5L 2016- 24C08
 JAC Shuailing G 2017- 24C08(ATMLHXXX08)
 JAC Shuailing Q7 2021- 24C04
 JAC Gelfa A5X 2020- 25640(S64RQ)
 JAC Geerfa K7 2019- 25640(S64RQ)
 JAC Gelfa A5W(Kirin Edition) 2019- 25640(564RQ)
 JAC JUNLING V6 2021- 24C16
 JAC Kangling K1 2016- 9S12HY64
 JAC IC5 2019- 24C16
 JMC KUGA 2020- 24C32
 JMC YuHu 2020- 24C32
 JMC E200L 2019- 9S12HY64
 JMC YuSheng S350 24C64
 JMC YuHu 9 2020- 24C32
 JMC shunda 9S12HY64
 Jaguar XF 2010- 24C64
 JieFang J6L 2019- 9S12HZ128
 JieFang J6L 2020- 24C16
 JieFang J6P 2020- 24C04
 JinBei JinBei HIAC 2022- 24C16
 KINGLONG Haige 2011- 24C08
 Kubota M954 Harvester 93C56
 Kawei K150GT 2017- 9S12HY64
 Lexing machinery Tractor 2014- 93C56
 LiFan KP150F 2013- 24C08
 Suzuki super villas 2011- 24C16
 MG MG GS 2016- 9S12XHZ256(meter)+ 24C16(carbody)
 Luxgen S5 2012- 93C56
 Chery Hongan N2 9S12ZVH128
 Venucia E30 24C16
 Roewe I5 2021- 25160(instrument) + 95320(BCM)
 Roewe I6 2017- 5BBD(meter)+95640(BCM)All liquid crystal
 Roewe I6 MAX 2022- 24C32(meter)+95640(BCM)
 TRI-RING Ten links Chuangke 2017- 24C04
 Shaanxi Auto Dragon F3000 2015- 93C66(ATMLHXXX66)
 WEICHAI yingzhi 727 2016- 24C08(ATMLHXXX08)
 Ward Harvester 24C16
 Ward Harvester 2017- 24C08
 WuLing HongGuang S3 2019- 24C04(4G04)
 ISUZU Isuzu FTR 2015- 93C56
 Hyundai Elantra MB91F061BS
 Hyundai Forklift 24C08
 XINYUAN haoyun 1 number 24C16
 XCMG ZhuangZaiJi 2016- 24C64(times)
 Chevrilet LOVA 2010- 24C08
 YAMAHA MT10 93C66
 YeMa YeMa 9S12HA32
 Easy coffee E8 Electric car 2018- 24C02
 YuJie X330 2019- R5F10DLxxx
 YUEJIN C500 2020- R5F10TPxxx
 ChangAn Kesai 2019- 9S12XHY128
 ChangAn CS55 PLUS 2020- 95020
 ChangAn Eulove 2018- 9S12HY64
 ChangAn Commercial pure electric closed truck 2018- R5F10DPxxx
 ChangAn CS95 2019- 9S12XHZ512
 ChangAn shenqi T10 2020- 9S12HA32
 Great Wall Havel H3 2011- 9S12HA48
 Great Wall HAVAL H5 2012- 24C04
 Great Wall Havel H7 2016- 24C16
 CNHTC HOWO tough guy 2021- 24C64
 Zhonghua FSV 2013- 9S12HA48
 Zhonghua V3 2017- 24C64(ATMLHXXX64)
 ZOOMLION guwang harvester 2017- 24C02
 Zotye T600 24C04
 Zotye Sesame 2018- 9S12HY48
 Zotye Sesame E30 2017- 9S12HY48
The following models are added for airbag.
 Honda 77960-TJH-B010-M2 R7F701A233
 Honda 77960-TBT-B010-M2 R7F701A223
 Honda 77960-TVE-H230-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TWC-H030-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-T73-H310-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TRN-H920-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TWB-B210-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-T80-H220-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-SJA-G110-M2 93C86
 BYD AUTO ELEC-3658100(SEC30-C) 95128
 BYD AUTO TFL-3658100A 95040
 BYD AUTO HDE-3658100B 95128
 BYD AUTO HDE-3658100B-D1 95128
 BYD AUTO HDF-3658100B 95128
 BYD AUTO SA3F-3658100A 95128
 Buick 13523852 SPC56AP54
 Buick 13578320 9S12XDT384
 Buick 13518678 SPC56AP54
 Volkswagen 5QD 959 655AG 95128
 Volkswagen 5K0 959 655 F 95640
 DongFeng 28556 2HB0A R7F701008
 DongFeng J3858285 SPC560P40L1
 DongFeng J3858335 SPC560P40L1
 SouthEast J3858260 SPC460P40L1
 SouthEast J38580597 SPC460P40L1
 SouthEast J3858389(3658010002-B01) SPC460P40L1
 Toyota 89170-0A090 R7F701A223
 Toyota 89170-0C540 TC234
 Toyota 89170-0C570 TC234
 Toyota 89170-0C572 TC234
 Toyota 89170-0C581 TC234
 Toyota 89170-0C582 TC234
 Toyota 89170-0C592 TC234
 Toyota 89170-0C593 TC234
 Toyota 89170-0C630 TC234
 Toyota 89170-0C640 TC234
 Toyota 89170-02N50 TC234
 Toyota 89170-02N70 TC234
 Toyota 89170-02N80 TC234
 Toyota 89170-02P50 TC234
 Toyota 89170-02P90 TC234
 Toyota 89170-02R40 TC234
 Toyota 89170-02R50 TC234
 Toyota 89170-02R60 TC234
 Toyota 89170-02T10 TC234
 Toyota 89170-02U20 TC234
 Toyota 89170-02X80 TC234
 Toyota 89170-07390 TC234
 Toyota 89170-07391 TC234
 Toyota 89170-07400 TC234
 Toyota 89170-07401 TC234
 Toyota 89170-02E10 TC234
 Toyota 89170-58080 R5F61797
 Toyota 89170-33P60 R7F701A223
 Ford JR3T-14B321-FA XC2336A-72F
 Ford LK29-14B321-BB TC222-16F
 FOTON P1360010004A0(J3858203) 95320
 Trumpchi 8040003BSV0000(681263800) TC222-16F
 Geely 8893204792 681942500 TC222-16F
 Geely 6600057467(647711600) TC222-16F
 Geely 6600164994(680560600) TC222-16F
 Geely 285 010 401 95160
 Geely 6600012847(646601500) XC2361A-72F
 Geely 01304556(681656300) XC2336A-72F
 Geely 512013 NL-3B 8891612660 R7F701A033
 JAC 5824901U2401(JAC-L72013) SPC560P40L1
 JAC 5824901U8010S SPC560P40L1
 JAC 5824901V5001 R7F701A033
 Chrysler 53402644 95640
 Chrysler 68402856AC 95512
 Suzuki 38910-84E21-000 95080
 Suzuki 38910-86G00-000 95080
 Suzuki 38910-86G02-000 95080
 Suzuki 38910-86G03-000 95080
 Suzuki 38910-86G12-000 95080
 Suzuki 38910-79J02-000 95160
 Suzuki 38910-79J10-000 95160
 Suzuki 38910-79J20-000 95160
 Suzuki 38910-79J21-000 95160
 Suzuki 38910-79J30-000 95160
 Suzuki 38910-79J40-000 95160
 Suzuki 38910-59J10-000 95080
 Suzuki 38910-59J11-000 95080
 Suzuki 38910-59J12-000 95080
 Suzuki 38910-59J30-000 95080
 Suzuki 38910-59J40-000 95080
 Suzuki 38910-59J41-000 95080
 Suzuki 38910-59J71-000 95080
 Land Rover JPLA-14D374-AD TC222-16F
 Mazda DHB4-57K30B TC233-16F
 Chery 407000016AA R7F701008
 Nissan 98820-1TU1A 95320
 Nissan 28556-2GB0A 95160
 Nissan 28556 2GL0B 95128(H128)
 Nissan 98820 6LA0A 95128
 Nissan 98220 3RV0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 3HW0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 1UM0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 1VX0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 3NU0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 4MA0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 4MA0C XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 4MB0C XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 4MD0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 9HL0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 9HM0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 9HN0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 9HP0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 4MA0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 4MC0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 4MF0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 3SS0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 3SV0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 3SW0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 6FK0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 3YU0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 3ZK0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 3ZL0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 4AT0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 5WK0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 5WN0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 6MA0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 6MJ0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 6MA0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 6MM0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 6MM0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 9AM0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820 9HL0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 98820-6LK0A 95256
 Nissan 98820-3GP0A 95128
 WuLing 23755675 R7F701008
 ISUZU 3402040-UKR20 95160(RS16)
 Hyundai 95910-T9010 95256
 FAW 5CA4-57K30 R7F701008
 FAW 1EA0-57K31 R7F701A033
 FAW 5CA0-57K30-A 95040
 Iveco J3858475 R7F701008
 ChangAn 3658100-MK01-BS01 R7F701A033
 ChangAn 3658100-AM54 TC222-16F
 ChangAn 3658100-BN74 TC222-16F
 ChangAn 3658100-AM52 R7F701A033
 ChangAn 3658100-AM53 TC222-16F
 Great Wall 3658120XNZ01B XC2336A-72F
 Great Wall 3658110XNZ01B XC2336A-72F
 Zotye J3858463(3658010001B11A) SPC460P40L1
 Zotye J3858543(3658010001-B11F) SPC460P40L1
The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
 alfa romeo  50543842 95640(read write)
 Audi 8W0959655F 95128(read write)
 BMW 65.77-9280185-01 9S12XET512(read write)
 BMW 6577-9484303-01 95256(read write)
 Benz A 177 900 664 95128(read write)
 Honda 77960-T20-M820-M1 TC234-32F(read write)
 Honda 77960-T31-H810-C1 TC234-32F(read write)
 Buick 26284930 R7F7010623(read write)
 Dayun Dayun Truck 2020- 24C64(read write)
 Volkswagen 1K0 909 605 D 95160(read write)
 Volkswagen 2QD 959 655 A 95256(read write)
 DongFeng Liuqi Chenglong H7 24C64(read write)
 DongFeng J3858430(5824901V9011) R7F701008(read write)
 Toyota 89170-50L51 R7F701A22(read write)
 Toyota 89170-33P90 R7F701A223(read write)
 Toyota 89170-06A90 R7F701A223(read write)
 Ford HS7T-14B321-CJ R7F701064(read write)
 Ford KS1-14B056-CA R7F701008(read write)
 Haima SA44-57-K30 R7F701008(read write)
 Geely 431028 11300244 A3C0288960000 R7F701009(read write)
 JAC sihao X8 2021- 24C16(read write)
 Jaguar L8B2-14D374-AB TC233-16F(read write)
 JinBei J3858508 R7F701008(read write)
 LYNK&CO 8888882320 B R7F701330(read write)
 Land Rover M8E2-14D374-AD TC233-32F(read write)
 Land Rover LK72-14D374-AF R7F701064(read write)
 Maserati 670001821 95128(read write)
 Chery J3858425 R7F701008(read write)
 KIA 95910-3R210 MAC7242(read write)
 Nissan 98820-2GU1A TC222-16F(read write)
 Nissan 98820-5R20A 95128(read write)
 Roewe 10806798-02 TC224-16F(read write)
 SAIC C00266724(A3C0835570000) R7F701009(read write)
 WEICHAI AB07014200 SPC560P40L1(read write)
 Volvo P32315799 95640(read write)
 WuLing 23929863 R7F701008(read write)
 WuLing 23998109 R7F701008(read write)
 WuLing 23767480 R7F701008(read write)
 Hyundai 95910- F9300 XC2361A-72F(read write)
 Yutong S5 2018- 24C16(read write)
 ChangAn J3858532(CK3658100J22) 95160(RS16)(read write)
 Great Wall 3658120XP3BXA SPC560P40L1(read write)
 Great Wall 3658120XP6PXA R7F701009(read write)

CG100 PROG III V6.5.2.2 Paid Version NEW (2022.04.22)

1.Added 2 chips to Programer.
2.Added 55 models to dashboard.
3.Added 32 models to airbag.
4.Added 14 models to read-write.
The following chips are added for Programer.
The following models are added for dashboard.
 Zotye Z360 9S12HY48
 Shaanxi Auto Dragon K3000 24C08
 FOTON TOANO 2019- 24C08
 Dongfanghong Tractor STM8S207RB
 Honda Motor NX125     24C04
 Dayun 7 seat business car(EV) 24C64
 DongFeng Xiaobawang 2020- 24C04
 Haima 8S 24C16
 CNHTC HOWO 2021- 24C64
 Kubota Harvester 93C56
 Venucia Venucia D70 2019- 24C16
 shangdong oulide W18 Digger 24C64
 Xiali N7 24LC04
 XCMG 55 Excavator 2019- 24C64
 Suzuki UCR 24C04
 DongFeng DFSK C32 2019- 24C64
 JAC Pickup 9S12HA48
 Subaru XV 2019- RH86
 yanmar YH1180 Harvester 93C66
 Besturn T99 24C32
 CNHTC HOWO L2 2017- 24LC04
 KINGLONG Haige 2020- 24C16
 KIA orpheus 2007- 93C56
 Trumpchi GA3 2017- 24C08
 ChangAn MiNi 2017- 9S12HY64
 ZOOMLION guwang wheat harvester 2021- 25040(25LC04)(mileage)+25040(25LC04)(times)
 JAC Truck 2016- 24C04
 LOVOL Harvester 2021- STM8S105S4
 Besturn T33 2019- 24C16 V2
 XCMG DIAOCHE 2014- 24C64(times)
 Ward Harvester 2021- 24C16(times)
 FOTON Conrad 9S12XHY128
 JMC kaiyun 2021- 24C04
 SouthEast SouEast LingShi V6 9S12HY64 V2
 Kubota Harvester 2014- 93C46
 FOTON Times King Kong STM8S105C6 V2
 MITSABISHI Lancer 2010- 93C86
 Toyota Lexus LS600 hybrid 93C66
 FAW Jumpal A80 24C04
 JAC Kangling H3 24C04
 JAC Shuailing Q8 2021- 24C04
 Trumpchi GS3 2020- 24C16
 DongFeng Fengshen AX3 2019- 25040
 shenhe automobile ESH3311EBX7CX dump truck 2020- 9S12HY64
 LOVOL Tractor STM8S208RB(times)
 KaiMa Kaijie 2019- STM8S208RB
 YAMAHA NMAX155 2020- 93C66
 FOTON xianglingV2 2020- 24C04
 Geely Haoyue 2021- 24C08
 Trumpchi GS3 2021- 24C16
 ChangAn MiNi 2017- 95160
 Ford Road shaker 2016- 93C86
 Chery Chery-EASTA 2012- 9S12HA48
 aprilia SR250 2020- 24C16
The following models are added for airbag.
 HuangHai D5825-00100004 95160(RS16)
 ChangAn 3658100-MK03-BN73 R7F701064
 Zhongxing G3658010-0301(J38580748) 95160(RS16)
 Ford LK29-14B321-DA XC2336B-72F
 Ford JB3T-14B321-DE TC222-16F
 Nissan 25348 1MY3A 24C08
 Honda 77960-TWB-H030-M4 SPC56AP54
 WuLing 23998038 R7F701008
 Honda 77960-T73-B310-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TBY-H030-M4 SPC56AP54
 Buick 13525224 SPC56AP54
 Suzuki 38910-57L40 95640
 现代 95910-N8000 95512
 Nissan 98820-6LE01 95128
 Zhongxing G3658010-0000(J3858465) 25160
 Geely 3658110XKS00B XC2336A-72F
 Nissan 28556JX00B 93C56(L56R)
 Volkswagen 6C0 959 655J 95640
 BYD AUTO 5AEC-3658100(SEC30) Step One 25640(RS64)
 DongFeng 288556-2ZS01(J3858284) SPC560P40L1
 FOTON J3858308 95320
 Geely 1304964 640125900 XC2336A-72F
 MITSABISHI 8635A139 93C56
 Wilma VF20036702 R7F701A033
 ChangAn 3658100-AM55 TC222-16F
 Ford MD8T-14B321-AB TC222-16F
 Honda 77960-TJH-H010-M2 R7F701A223
 Hyundai 95910-O3000 95512
 Peugeot 9839726380 XC2336B-40F
 BYD AUTO 5AEC-3658100(SEC30) Step Two SPC560P50L3
 BYD AUTO SAH-3658100(SEC30) 95640
 KIA 95910-QD100 95128(25LC128)
The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
 Toyota 89170-0E210 TC234-32F(read write)
 Buick 9069087 25020(read write)
 Nissan 98820 6RS0A TC222(read write)
 Volkswagen 5C0 959 655 AF 95640(read write)
 Honda 77960-T20-H620-M1 TC234-32F(read write)
 ISUZU 898261125Y XC2361A-72F(read write)
 JMC LP1-14010-AB R7F701008(read write)
 Chrysler 68375149AD(53479551) 25256(556RQ)(read write)
 MITSABISHI 8635A644 25640(read write)
 Mazda KL6T 57K30 95128(H128)(read write)
 Suzuki 38910-58M30 95640(read write)
 JEEP 53455411 68402856AA 95512(read write)
 Nissan 98820 5MB1A 95128(read write)
 PORSCHE 3D0 909 601 E CR16(read write)

CG100 PROG III Latest Version V6.5.1.0 (2022.03.03)

1.Fixed the problem that the fault code cannot be cleared after TMS570LS1113 is read and written.
2.Added 141 chips to Programer.
3.Added 77 models to dashboard.
4.Added 21 models to airbag.
5.Added 25 models to read-write.
6.Added 2 models to BCM.
The following chips are added for Programer.
The following models are added for dashboard.
 FOTON Times STM8S105C6T6
 Honda Motor 150 24C02
 Delong X5000 95640
 Space WanShan Truck 24C04
 Suzuki HaoJue 24LC04
 Zotye Z300 2016- 9S12HY48
 Chery Cowin 1 2012- 93C66
 ChuFeng Electric car 9S12HY64
 Shaanxi Auto XUANDE X9 2021- 9S12HY128
 Zotye Electric Car 9S12HY48
 Haima AiShang EV 2020- 24C02
 JAC Double row truck 2014- 24C04
 Xiao Peng G3 93C86
 Ford MAVERICK 2007- 9S12H256
 Condy K11 2015- 93LC86
 CNHTC hohan 2021- 24C64
 ChangAn New Leopard T3 2021- 24C04
 Spring breeze Z6 24C08
 JMC qiling T3 9S12HA32
 JMC Transit R5F10DSKL
 Shaanxi Auto Dragon M3000 2015- 93C66
 SWM G05 24C04(24G04)
 Big Dipper X5E 2017- 24C16
 Nanjun Truck 2018- 24C04
 ChuFeng Van goods EV 2018- 24C08
 DongFeng Liuqi Chenglong H7 24C08
 TongLiZhongGong ZiXieChe 24C08(mileage)+24C08(times)
 BAIC BeiQi Luba 2006- X5043
 BAIC EX3 2019- 24C64(instrument)+95040(BCM)
 DongFeng FuKang ES500 2019- 25040(25LC04)
 LonKing Forklift 2019- 95640
 Ford Transit 2008- 93C86
 LOVOL Corn harvester 24C04(mileage)+24C04(times) Central Processing Unit
 BAIC EC5 R500 2019-24C64(instrument)+95320(BCM)
 Honda Motor EX125 24C04 V2
 LOVOL Harvester (CPU module) 24C04(mileage)+24C04(times) V2
 Hyundai santafe 2020- MB91F061BS
 ChangAn RuiXing EM80 24C04
 Geely XingYue 2019- 24C08
 BAIC EX5 2019-24C64(instrument)+95320(BCM)
 BAIC Saab Wisdom Way 210T 2020- 24C32(instrument) + 95320(BCM)
 LOVOL Harvester 2021- 95640
 SAIC Chase G50 2021- 24C16
 BAIC weiwang 307 EV 2016- 24C02 V2
 FOTON YuLing VQ1 2017- STM8S105C6
 BAIC Weiwang M50F 2016- 24C04
 Shaanxi Auto Henderson E9 9S12XHY128
 Shaanxi Auto Henderson E9 24C04
 JinBei Big sea lion 2015- 9S12HA48
 BAIC BJ30 2017- 9S12XHY256(instrument)+95320(BCM)
 FOTON kangrui K1 2021- 9S12HA32
 VESPA bicycle 93C66
 Changhe Changhe 24C02
 JMC BaoDian 2014- 9S12HA48
 TRAUM S70 9S12HY64
 JMC qiling T5 2018- 9S12HA32
 TRI-RING Ten links HAOLONG 9S12HZ128
 FOTON Conrad K2 2020- 9S12HA32
 Ward Harvester R5F10DPEJ(times)
 Geely Emgrand GS 2020- 24C08
 Spring breeze SR250 24C04
 Chery Chery Son of the East 93C66
 FuDi Lion F22 2017- 24C08
 LEVDEO Electric car R5F10DPxxx
 JieFang J6P 2018- 95640(Record)
 Zotye T300 2019- 9S12HY64
 BAIC Daoda V8 2017- 9S12HA32
 JAC IEVS4(EV) 2019- 24C16
 Geely Boyue_2019- 24C08 V2
 Iveco 2018- 25160
 HuangHai N2 Pickup 2019- 24C04
 Ju Ming Corn harvester 688688 2021- 24C16
 BMW motorcycle 160D0WT
 KINGLONG New energy 2021- R5F10DPGJ
The following models are added for airbag.
 Nissan 28556 5JG0A 95128(H128)
 Audi 8UD 959 655 A 95640
 Nissan 28556 5JG0B 95128(H128)
 PORSCHE 220244-114 95640(564WQ)
 Geely 6600004260(643765600) XC2361A-72F
 Nissan 98820 3JP0A 95128(H128)
 Nissan 98820 5KX0A 95128(H128)
 SouthEast J38580674 80A35A501 A3C0038770000 SPC560P40L1
 Geely 6600097304 647711500 TC222-16F
 Honda 77960-TEA-830-M4 SPC56AP54
 Great Wall 3658120XKM01A TC222-16F
 Honda 77960-TZA-H630-M1 TC234-32F
 Nissan 98820-6LE0A 95128
 Great Wall 3658130XPW01A TC222-16F
 DongFeng 28556-2GV1A TC222-16F
 Chery T19-J38580695 R7F701008
 Volvo P31387019 95128
 Chery J38580787 407000178AA R7F701008
 Ford 1095757-00-C 25640
 Jaguar EX53-14D374-AC XC2361E-72F
 Honda 77960-TMB-H340-M4 SPC56AP54
The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
 Chevrilet LOVA 2009- 24C08(read write)
 Shaanxi Auto Dragon X3000 2018- 93C86(read write)
 SouthEast 80A35A202 01(J38580760) 25160(read write)
 Mazda GW6T 57K30 95640(H640)(read write)
 MAXUS 10774855-03 R7F701009(read write)
 Audi 5QD 959 655B SPC560P50L3(read write)
 JEEP 65355 364AB 95128(read write)
 Hyundai 95910-S6500 XC2361A-72F(read write)
 Nissan 98820 4DW2A TC222-16F(read write)
 Chery 2031459 407000012AA R7F701008(read write)
 Redflag 3607115-E16 A3C0243120000 R7F701008(read write)
 Benz A117 900 3801 95256(read write)
 BYD AUTO HADF-3658100 A2C18802900 R7F701008(read write)
 Volvo P31476261 95640(H640)(read write)
 LYNK&CO 8889299534B R7F701330(read write)
 Honda 77960-TZA-H840-M1 TC234-32F(read write)
 Toyota 89170-F4420 R7F701A223(read write)
 Land Rover LK72-14D374-AC R7F7010643(read write)
 Toyota 89170-07530 TC234-32F(read write)
 Benz A447 900 10 10 95256(read write)
 Chery 407000137AA 680377100 XC2336A-72F(read write)
 Roewe 10821266-01 R7F701009(read write)
 Toyota 89170-07570 R7F701A223(read write)
 BMW 65.77-9348727-01 95128(read write)
 Mazda BR9 N57 K30 95080(read write)
The car body is repaired and the model is added.
 GM Buick D70F3558(read write)
 Land Rover BCM 9S12XEP768(read write)

CG100 PROG III Full Version Package List:

1pc x CG PRO III Programmer
1pc x BDM+4 Adapter
1pc x CAN Adapter
12pcs x Welding Line
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x 12V Power Supply
1pc x ATMEGA Adapter
1pc x EEPROM Adapter
1pc x AVR Adapter
1pc x AVR V2.0 Adapter
1pc x EEPROM-SO Adapter
1pc x FLASH Adapter

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CG100 III Milage Repair Honda ACCORD Chip S6J3001

CG100 PROG III Repair BMW FRM In Two Ways

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