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CGDI Programmer Software:
Here CGDISHOP shares CGDI MB, CGDI BMW, CG Pro 9S12, CG100 and AT-200 software free download source and latest update information.


CGDI MB Benz Prog Software V2.9.2.0  NEW (2019.11.09) Download Here

1. Added personal account and send feedback function.
2. Improved user interface for a better experience.
3. The Mileage Repair and Gateway functions are now integrated into the main page, and you can slide the main function button list to switch.
4. Increased the number of free DP calculations and key file generation per day.
5. Optimize performance and fix bugs.


CGDI BMW Prog Software V3.0.1 (2019.11.09) Download Here

1. Added G_B48 B58 read ISN
2. Added MSV80 read ISN(BENCH)
3. Added ICOM function (does not support XP computer system)
4. Optimize CAS4 Key Match(OBD) processes
5. Optimize BMW Key Match(OBD), CAS1-3+ Key Match, FEM/BDC Key Match interface

CG Pro 9S12 Software:
CG-Pro updated to V2.1.8.0 (Oct 21th, 2019) Download
1.Added key refresh, and added support
  Audi 8K0959754C
  Audi 8T0959754J_2 smart card
  Audi 8T0959754J_CH
  Audi Generic type smart card that Applicable to all 5 ge
  Audi PCB1 8T0959754 433 remote control
  Audi PCB1 8T0959754A 315 remote control
  Audi PCB1 8T0959754D 868 remote control
  Audi PCB1 8T0959754F 433 smart card
  Audi PCB2 8T0959754 433 remote control
  Audi PCB2 8T0959754D 868 remote control
  Audi PCB2 8T0959754F 433 smart card
  Audi PCB2 8T0959754G 315 smart card
  Audi PCB2 4H0959754G 315 smart card
  Audi PCB2 4H0959754K 868 smart card
  Audi PCB2 4G0959754G 315 smart card
  Audi PCB2 4G0959754K 868 smart card
  Audi PCB3 4H0959754DA 433 smart card
  Audi PCB3 4H0959754DB 315 smart card
  Audi PCB3 4H0959754DD 868 smart card
  Porsche 7PP959753AJ 434MHZ
  Porsche 7PP959753BM 315MHZ
  Porsche 7PP959753BN 434MHZ
  Porsche 7PP959753BQ 315MHZ
  Volvo 5WK49269(433MHZ) smart card
  Volvo 5WK49266(900MHZ) smart card
  BMW E Serise 5WK49125 E series 868MHZ remote control
  BMW E Serise 5WK49127 E series 315MHZ remote control
  BMW E Serise 5WK49145 E series 868MHZ smart card
  BMW E Serise 5WK49147 E series 315MHZ smart card
  BMW F Serise 5WK49661 F series 868MHZ Continental
  BMW F Serise 5WK49663 F series 315MHZ Continental
  BMW F Serise 5WK49662 F series 434MHZ Continental
  BMW F Serise HUF5661 F series 868MHZ Huf
  BMW F Serise HUF5662 F series 315MHZ Huf
  BMW F Serise HUF5663 F series 434MHZ Huf
  BMW F Serise HUF5667 F series 434MHZ Huf
  BMW F Serise Huf-F series 868 frequency
  BMW F Serise Huf-F series 434 frequency
  Mitsubishi GBD-644M-KEY(433MHZ)
  Peugeot 21676652
  Peugeot E28CI01B
  Peugeot E25CI009
  Peugeot E33CI002
  Renault 285970036R(Hitag2-433MHZ)
  Renault 285975779R smart card 433MHZ
  Renault 285979045R smart card 433MHZ
  Renault 285974100 remote control (Hitag--AES 433MHZ)
  Renault 285971998R smart card (Hitag--AES 433MHZ)
  Mazda JX331BB1002A 2 key smart car
  Mazda JX331BB1002A 3 key smart card
  Nissan 315MHZ Hitag2 smart card -A2C53188764
  Nissan 315MHZ Hitag smart card -A2C53297341
  Nissan 433MHZ Hitag3 smart card -A2C53405173
  Nissan Hitag2 smart FCCID-CWTWB1U825 2 key
  Nissan AES smart card-A232801600-c24 3 key 433MHZ
  Nissan AES smart card -A2C32801600-E12 4 key 433MHZ
  Nissan AES smart card -A232800800 5 key 433MHZ
  Great Wall H2 smart  434MHZ PCB: CU1897L
  Chrysler&Jeep&Dodge GQ4-54T AES Prox
  Chrysler&Jeep&Dodge IYZ-C01C smart card
  Chrysler&Jeep&Dodge IYZ-C01C M3N5W783X Chip screen printing:567.738.031
  Chrysler&Jeep&Dodge KOBOT04A
  Chrysler&Jeep&Dodge M3M Chip screen printing:F7953MC
  Chrysler&Jeep&Dodge M3M Hitag2
  Chrysler&Jeep&Dodge M3N5WY72XX
  Chrysler&Jeep&Dodge M3N5WY783X
  Chrysler&Jeep&Dodge M3N3322971XX
  Chrysler&Jeep&Dodge OHT692427AA (2005)
  Chrysler&Jeep&Dodge OHT692713AA
  BYD K2TA4-30A smart card
  BYD K2TA3-74B smart card black
  BYD K2TA3-76E smart card
  BYD K2TA3-H7J smart caed white oval
  BYD K2TD3-A0C smart card white
  BYD K2TD smart card white
  Buick/Chevrolet 3 key intelligence 433MHZ F7952E
  Buick/Chevrolet 4 key intelligence 315MHZ F7952E
  Buick/Chevrolet 4 key intelligence 433MHZ F7952E
  Buick/Chevrolet 5 key intelligence 315MHZ F7952E
  Buick/Chevrolet 5 key intelligence 433MHZ F7952E
  Hyundai&KIA MP13A_15
  Hyundai&KIA MP13L-12
  Hyundai&KIA SVI_DMFGE04
  Hyundai&KIA SVI_DMFNA04
  Hyundai&KIA SVI_MDFGE03
  Hyundai&KIA SVI_CMFCH02
  Hyundai&KIA SVI_CMFEU03
  Hyundai&KIA SVI_HMFEU04
  Hyundai&KIA SVI_HMFKR04
  Hyundai&KIA SVI_HMFNA04
  Land Rover 5E0U40247(434MHZ)
  Land Rover YWX000071(315MHZ)Visteon
  Land Rover YWX000061(434MHZ)Visteon

2.Chips added support Chips    

  Motorala – HC (9)12
   HC912DG128-0K50E Added SHADOW
   HC912DG128A-0L05H Added SHADOW
   HC912DG128A- 3K91D Added SHADOW
   HC912DT128P-2L05H Added SHADOW

   ST - ST10F
   TI - TMS570

3.Generate Key, added support model
  Hyundai Sonata 2008 MPC5XX
  Hyundai Terracan 2003 95080
  KIA Sportage 2008 MPC5X
  KIA Bongo 3 2003 95080
  KIA Soul 2008 TC1766
  Isuzu D-Max 2010 93C66
  Isuzu Forward FRR 2007 93C66
  Isuzu Forward FTR 2009 93C66
  Isuzu NPR 2007 93C56
  Mitsubishi ASX 2010 24C16
  Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 24C16
  Mitsubishi Lancer X 2009 24C16
  Mitsubishi Outlander 2006 24C16
  Mitsubishi Colt 2004 9S12
  Mitsubishi Galant 2004 24C01
  Mitsubishi Grandis 2003 24C01
  Mitsubishi Pajero IV 24C01
  Mitsubishi Grandis 2006 24C02
  Mitsubishi L200 2006 24C02
  Mitsubishi Montero 2007 24C02
  Mitsubishi Nativa 2008 24C02
  Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2007 24C02
  Mitsubishi Lancer 2004 24C01
  Mitsubishi Outlander 2004 24C01
  Mitsubishi L200 2010 25320
  Mitsubishi Mirage 2010 25320
  Mitsubishi Raider 2005 9S12
  Roewe 750 2007 9S12
  SAIC MG3 2011 24C16
  Suzuki Alto 2006 93C56 HIAG
  Suzuki Alto 2009 93C86 HIAG
  Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006 93C56 HITAG
  Suzuki Swift 2006 93C56 HIAG
  Suzuki SX4 2006 93C56 HIAG  
  Suzuki Grand Vitara 2003 24C01 HITAG
  Suzuki Splash 2009 93C66
  Suzuki SX4 2012 TC172 HIAG
  Tata Indica 2008 24C04    

4.Airbag computer, added support model
  VOLVO XC90 (P31451730) (EEPROM)
  VOLVO XC90 (P31451730) (FLASH)
  BAOJUN 560 (23945367) (EEPROM)
  BAOJUN 560 (23945367) (FLASH)
  HAIMA S5 (SA12-57-K30) (EEPROM)
  HAIMA S5 (SA12-57-K30) (FLASH)


CG100 Programmer V6.0.4.0 (2019.11.09) Software Download Here

1. Airbag Increase the following models
WuLing 560 23945367
VOLVO XC90 P31451730
Haima S5 SA12-57-K30

2. 9S12 algorithm improvement
BAIC E130 (Need to sync BCM) 9S12HZ128
BAIC E150 (Need to sync BCM) 9S12HZ128
BAIC E180 9S12HY64
BAIC Senova D50 2014(15) 9S12XHY256
BAIC Senova D50 2016 9S12XHZ512
BAIC Senova D60 2015 9S12XHY256
BAIC Senova X65 2015 9S12XHY256
Besturn B90 9S12XHZ512
Besturn X80 9S12XHZ512
Buick Excelle 2013-2015 9S12HZ256
ChangAn Alsvin 9S12HA48
ChangAn Alsvin V3 mode 1 9S12HY64
ChangAn Alsvin V3 mode 2 9S12HY64
ChangAn Alsvin V5 2013 9S12HY48
ChangAn Alsvin V7 2015- 9S12XHY128
ChangAn Auchan 9S12HY64
ChangAn AuchanA800 9S12XHY128
ChangAn CS15 9S12HY64
ChangAn CS20 9S12HY48
ChangAn CS35 9S12XHY128
ChangAn CS35 9S12XHY256
ChangAn CS75 9S12XHZ512
ChangAn CX20 2014- 9S12HY48
ChangAn CX70 2015- 9S12XHY128
ChangAn ChangAnZhiXin II(9S08LG16) 9S08LG16
ChangAn EADO 2012- 9S12HY64
ChangAn EADO 2015 9S12HY64
ChangAn EADO 2016 9S12XHZ512
ChangAn EADO XT 2015(HY64) 9S12HY64
ChangAn Eulove (HA32) 9S12HA32
ChangAn Eulove HY64 9S12HY64
ChangAn Honor (HA32) 9S12HA32
ChangAn Honor (HY48 9S12HY48
ChangAn Honor (HY64) 9S12HY64
ChangAn JinNiuXing (HA32) 9S12HA32
ChangAn JinNiuXing (HA48) 9S12HA48
ChangAn MINI 2016 9S12HY64
ChangAn MiNi 2013 9S12HA32
ChangAn Pickup (HA32) 9S12HA32
ChangAn Raeton 2013- 9S12XHZ512
ChangAn RuiXing 9S12HA48
ChangAn V7 2015- 9S12XHY128
ChangAn XingKa 2012 9S12HA32
ChangAn Xingka 9S08LG16
ChangAn ZhiShang XT (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512
Chery Arrizo 3 2014(15) 9S12HY64
Chery Arrizo 7 (HY64) 9S12HY64
Chery Arrizo 7 2014(XHY256) 9S12XHY256
Chery Cowin 9S12HA64
Chery Cowin 2 2013 9S12HA32
Chery Cowin 2 2016 9S12HY64
Chery E3 2015(16) 9S12HY64
Chery E5 2014 9S12HY64
Chery EQ 9S12HY64
Chery FengYun 9S12HA64
Chery Karry 9S12HA32
Chery Karry small truck 2019 9S12HA32
Chery M7 9S12HY64
Chery QQ 9S12HA64
Chery QQ 2013 9S12HA32
Chery QQ 2014(HA32) 9S12HA32
Chery Tiggo (XHY128) 9S12XHY128
Chery Tiggo (XHY256) 2013 9S12XHY256
Chery Tiggo 3 2015- 9S12XHY128
Chery Tiggo 5 (XHY128) 2016 9S12XHY128
Chery Tiggo 5 (XHY256) 2013-2016 9S12XHY256
Chevrilet Epica 9S12HZ256
DongFeng DongFeng XiaoKang 9S12HA32
DongFeng Fengguang 330 9S12HA32
DongFeng Fengguang 360 9S12HA32
DongFeng Fengguang 370 9S12HY32
DongFeng Lingzhi M3 9S12HA32
FJMOTOR Keyton (HY32) 9S12HY32
FJMOTOR Keyton (HY64) 9S12HY64
Ford Focus 2009 (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512
Geely EC7 XHY128 9S12XHY128
Geely EC7 XHY256 9S12XHY256
Geely Emgrand (XHY256) 9S12XHY256
Geely Englon (HY64) 9S12HY64
Geely Englon (HZ128) 9S12HZ128
Geely Gleagle 9S12XHZ512
Great Wall C30 9S12HY48
Great Wall C30 2011 9S12HY48
Great Wall H6 (HY64) 9S12HY64
Great Wall H6 (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512
Great Wall Wingle 6 9S12XHY256
HaFei LuBao (HA64) 9S12HA64
Haima Family (HA32) 9S12HA32
Haima Family (HA48) 9S12HA48
Haima Family (HY64) 9S12HY64
Haima FuShiDa (HY32) 9S12HY32
Haima FuShiDa (HY64) 9S12HY64
Haima HaiMa S5 2014 9S12HY64
Haima HaiMa S5 2016 9S12XHY128
Haima M5 9S12HY64
Haima Qiubite 2013 9S12HA48
Huasong Huasong 2015 9S12XHZ512
JAC HaoWei 9S12HA48 9S12HA48
JAC HaoWei 9S12HY48 9S12HY48
JAC JAC M5(1M80F) 9S12XHZ512
JAC Kangling 9S12HA48
JMC JMC Pickup 9S12XHZ256
JMC JMC Pickup 2016(HA32) 9S12HA32
JMC JMC Pickup 2016(HA48) 9S12HA48
JieFang Dragon V 2014 9S12HZ128
JieFang JieFang J6 2012 9S12HZ128
JieFang JieFang J6 2017 9S12HZ256
JinBei JinBei 2015(HA32) 9S12HA32
JinBei JinBei HIAC 2012 9S12HY64
JinBei JinBei HIAC 2013- 9S12HA48
KINGLONG KingLong 2013 9S12XHZ512
KINGLONG KingLong 2014 (HA32) 9S12HA32
KINGLONG KingLong 2014 (HY32) 9S12HY32
KINGLONG Minibus 9S12HA32
LandWind X5 9S12XHY128
LandWind X5 PULS 2016 9S12XHY256
LandWind X7 9S12XHY256
LandWind X8 2016 9S12HA32
Leopaard Leopaard 9S12XHY128
LiFan CA08 9S12HY64
LiFan Lifan 520 2015 9S12HZ128
Luxgen U7 9S12HZ256
MAXUS G10 9S12HY64
MG MG GS(synchronous BCM) XHZ256 9S12XHZ256
MG MG GS(synchronous BCM) XHZ512 9S12XHZ512
MG MG GT (synchronous BCM) 9S12XHZ256
Nissan Qashqai 9S12XHZ256
Nissan Venucia 9S12XHY128
Nissan X-TRAIL 2011 9S12XHZ256
North Benz North Benz 9S12XHZ256
Roewe Roewe 360 2015 9S12XHZ256
Roewe Roewe 550 2015 9S12XHZ512
Shaanxi Auto Dianniu No.1 9S12HY64
SouthEast Lioncel 9S12HA32
SouthEast SouEast LingShi V6 9S12HY64
SouthEast SouEast V5(HY64) 9S12HY64
SouthEast SouEast V5(XHY128) 9S12XHY128
Venucia Venucia 9S12XHY128
Volkswagen Santana 9S12HY48
WuLing BaoJun 630 2011 9S12HZ128
WuLing BaoJun 730 2015 (XHY256) 9S12XHY256
WuLing BaoJun 730 HY64 9S12HY64
WuLing BaoJun 730 XHY128 9S12XHY128
WuLing HA HY Double row 9S12HA32
WuLing HongGuang 9S12HA32
WuLing HongGuang S 9S12HA32
WuLing RongGuang 9S12HA32
WuLing RongGuang single-row 9S12HA32
WuLing Sunshine 9S12HA32
WuLing WuLing van 2013 9S12HA32
WuLing ZhengCheng (9S12HY64) 9S12HY64
Xiali N3 2012 9S12HA48
Xiali N3+ 2012 9S12HA48
Xiali XiaLi N3 9S12HY48
Xiali XiaLi N7 2013 9S12HY48
Xiali XiaLiA+ 9S12HA48
YeMa YeMaT70 9S12XHZ512
Yutong Yutong Bus 9S12XHZ512
Zhonghua FSV (HA48) 9S12HA48
Zhonghua FSV 2010- 9S12HZ128
Zhonghua H30 3475031-a8 9S12HA48
Zhonghua H330 (HA48) 2013- 9S12HA48
Zhonghua H330 2017(XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512
Zhonghua H530 (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512
Zhonghua H530 2012 (HZ128) 9S12HZ128
Zhonghua V5 (HZ128) 2012- 9S12HZ128
Zhonghua V5 (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512
Zotye Domy 9S12HA64
Zotye Domy X5 ZB1831 9S12HY48
Zotye T600 ZB183P1 9S12HY48
Zotye Yun 100 2015 9S12HY48
Zotye Z200 9S12HY48
Zotye Z300 9S12HY48
Zotye Z300 2014 9S12HY48
Zotye Z500 9S12HY48

3. Picture update
Airbag Changan 3658100-MK01-W01-AA

BMW AT-200 AT200 V1.6.1 ECU Programmer & ISN OBD Reader
AT200 V1.6.1 Update (2019-11-19):
1. Added MSV80 read ISN, write ISN, Backup Data and Restore Data
2. Added MSD80/D81/D85/D87/MSV90 write ISN
3. Added the engine type of the TC1766:
Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Dacia, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Indian, Kia, Lada, Lancia, Nissan, Mini, Opel, Peugeot, Polaris, Renault,
Saab, Sea Doo, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, UAZ, Vauxhall, Volkswagen (VW)