How to Use CG Pro 9S12 Adjust Mileage for BMW 160DQ Instrument Cluser?

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CG Pro 9S12, the next generation of CG-100, can perform automatic conversion BMW, Mercedes-Benz kilometer and BMW, Land Rover, Porsche key matching.

Can CG PRO 9S12 correct mileage for BMW 160D?

Yes. It has been tested by our professional technician and proved it’s OK.

Here is the related test report.



Car: BMW 160 DQ dashboard

Device: CG Pro 9S12 Programmer+ CG Pro 35160WT Adapter

Computer: Laptop



Record the current mileage of original car- 101024km


Turn off the ignition of the car switch

Remove the instrument from the car

cg-pro-9s12-bmw-160d-mileage-reset-2 cg-pro-9s12-bmw-160d-mileage-reset-3 cg-pro-9s12-bmw-160d-mileage-reset-4

Open the dashboard shell


Mileage is stored in a chip of 160D


Unsolder the chip and clean-> Put it into the 35160WT adapter

-> Connect to CG PRO 9S12 programmer and PC

cg-pro-9s12-bmw-160d-mileage-reset-7 cg-pro-9s12-bmw-160d-mileage-reset-8

Enter CG PRO software

Select type: Dashboard-> Brand: BMW -> Model: 160DQ (mode1)

Then click “Read” to read data


Read out the original mileage is 101024km


Save the EEPROM data

When save successfully, click the red button next to the mileage in the lower left corner

Input a new mileage you want and click “OK”

Write data successfully, the new mileage shows in the bottom left corner

Click “Read” to read data again

Read new data success and save

Save the file successfully


CG PRO 9S12 Correct Mileage for BMW 160D video:


Please kindly notice:

CG Pro 9S12 programmer newly released new design which will work more stable.
If your CG Pro 9S12 was bought before Apr 10th, 2019, it will be old design. From Apr 10th, CG Pro 9S12 is with new design.
Please choose the corresponding CG Pro 35160WT adapter.


  1. If your CG Pro 9S12 is with new design, please choose New Design
  2. If your CG Pro 9S12 is with old design, please choose Old Design